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Just the man for the job … ?

Posted by Big John on July 18, 2011

I’ve always thought that we are governed by a bunch of crooks, liars and vindictive idiots who manipulate and are in turn manipulated by the media; so all the disclosures, about the lady with the ‘Pre-Raphaelite’ hair and her mates, come as no surprise to me. 

I have only known one aspiring politician, and he was the most slimey, two faced, back stabbing creep you could possibly wish to meet, and who is probably, even now, stalking the corridors of power. 

I was reminded of him when reading about the ‘grillings‘ being meted out by the chairman of  the Commons home affairs select committee … Mr. Keith Vaz MP … who himself in March 2001, was censured by the Commons standards and privileges committee for financial wrongdoing and obstructing inquiries into a significant number of allegations. He was again investigated  by the Commons authorities over his links to the billionaire Indian Hinduja brothers after they had received UK passports. At the time they were known to have been involved in a corruption investigation in India. He was, at one time, suspended from the House of Commons by the standards and privileges committee for “serious breaches” of the code of conduct of MPs. Oh ! .. and I almost forgot about his expenses !

I don’t know how the chairman of ‘the Commons home affairs select committee’ is selected, but if this bloke is the best that they could come up with, can you imagine …

…  what the other candidates must be like ?


3 Responses to “Just the man for the job … ?”

  1. Ginnie said

    It boggles my mind how these politicians get elected and then do their level best to undermine everything they said they stood for. I guess we should be blamed for electing them in the first place….but, since they are almost all the same nowadays, how are we to know???
    Whatever happened to statesmanship … or is that just a word I dreamed up?

  2. Red Baron said

    Ah big man, good to see you back in the land of blogging again. It has been a while but I have also decided to retake up the activity having got thoroughly sick of facebook and all such and deleted them in a fit of pique!

  3. Red Baron said

    Actually I meant to say something a little less vacuous than merely a cyber wave over yonder. To my mind there are some things we must take into consideration when it comes to politics. there are some who genuinely wish to do their bit and feel they have something to offer, one might accuse them perhaps of a little arrogance in their presumption that they have anything to offer but one cannot fault their heart being in the right place. These are the people generally used in party politics to do the donkey work and stand in unwinable seats. With modern politics we have the phenomena of the career politician, just like any other career this is a person for whom the nature of the job is less important and what matters is the progression of the career and associated remuneration. So long as we have politicians earning the sort of money they do at a national level you will attract those for whom this is merely a good living.

    The remuneration of politicians should be commensurate with the mean wage in the area they are representing and no more. They should not get paid expenses but have travel and hostel passes for when they are on political business, these can be stamped and verified as an when necessary. There is also the idea that when looking at who you want to be your representative first discount any who put themselves forward! This idea has a lot to recommend it!

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