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“Sod the expense, just don’t drop the mike”.

Posted by Big John on June 15, 2011

Why is it that so many reports on TV news programmes have a reporter standing in a street or some public place when the report in question could just as easily be given by a studio news reader aided by a few video clips ?

Every day I watch rain soaked and wind blown TV journalists trying to explain what went on in the building behind them, while some hoodie moron jumps up and down within the camera shot waving to his mum or making obscene gestures. Very often a police car or ambulance drives by with sirens howling making it impossible to hear what is being said as the reporter clamps his earpiece to his ear to try and drown out the roar of passing traffic.

As if that’s not bad enough we have top news presenters being flown around the world at great expense to report ‘live’ from the scene of some major event or disaster, except that very often they are nowhere near the action… e.g. …

“Here is our ace reporter fresh from the bar at his luxury hotel, reporting from the South African border with Zimbabwe as members of the press are not allowed in that country ” ! … or …

“Here I am on the red carpet in Hollywood for the premier of the latest blockbuster movie interviewing someone you have never heard of because all the ‘A’ list stars ignored me on the way in” !

BBC .. ITN .. Sky .. They all do it: and while I’m on the subject … Why does it take two people to read the news ? … and who needs it … non-stop … for …

…   24 hours a day ?


3 Responses to ““Sod the expense, just don’t drop the mike”.”

  1. The reason why they turn up at the “scene of the crime” is because everyone else does and they must be the FIRST there… whether they are needed their or not..

    if you they don’t go there who will annoy the police from doing their work?
    who will then get to stick a mic in a celebrities face?… when all they want to to is pose and get photographed.
    Who will annoy bereaved families and who will gather all the ridiculous gossip from friends and neighbours ..
    They are there to just be a pain in the ass… and look like they are doing something useful.. 😛

  2. Big John said

    Welcome ‘It’s My Thoughts’ … Thanks for the comments. Yes, that one about “bereaved families” seems to be happening more and more. Probably something to do with what is known as “grief lite”.

  3. Grannymar said

    You read my mind! I got rid of my TV for this very reason. As it is the radio is my constant companion and I often hear the same programme three times inside a couple of days.

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