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“Whole nation” my arse !

Posted by Big John on May 20, 2011

Do you remember how the press told us recently that the whole nation was in a state of excitement about Willy and Kate’s wedding (Blimey! the’re still going on about Pippa’s arse to this day), when actually an ICM poll showed that 79% of the population were either “largely indifferent” or “couldn’t care less” about the wedding.  

Well now they are telling us that the whole nation is about to be united in their enthusiasm for next year’s Olympics. In fact I’ve just been watching some prat bloke on the TV news talking a load of cobblers about the ‘Olympic Flame’ being carried around the country, and of how “the whole nation will come together” in support of ‘the games’.

I may be wrong, but I’m sure that I am not alone when I say that I couldn’t give a ‘monkey’s’ if one sweaty person can run faster than another, or if some lycra clad spaceman on a bike can set a new record in some place called a ‘velodrome’.

Guess what ? … It looks like I’m right, for a Sky News survey shows that only around 10% of the whole nation are “very excited” about Seb Coe’s £9 billion circus.

Now I’m sure that there is one section of the whole nation that is a bit pissed off at the moment: and that is those ‘sports lovers’ who have forked out millions for tickets and have no idea as to what they have bought.

So where does this ‘whole nation’ idea originate ? … Well not from .. ‘The Economist’ .. or those who could have used all that money to really benefit ‘the whole nation’, and that’s for sure.

So I can only assume that it must come from the man who is not only the ring master, but also the driver of …

…    the Olympic ‘gravy train’ !


5 Responses to ““Whole nation” my arse !”

  1. People will be even less enthusiastic when the bill for the Olympics – to be paid from taxes, naturally – is announced. Clever how they managed to land us with these massive debts in addition to to those that are already causing so much damage to our society.

    We have dispensed with TV so we are spared the rubbish spouted by commentators paid for their ability to produce non-stop drivel for as long as the camera is turned on them.

    We spent the day of the wedding in Shoreham and Brighton and will absent ourselves from London for the duration of wretched Games.

  2. Ginnie said

    …and I thought I was the only one who thought like this, John. I can surely see where all the Olympics sportsters enjoy what they are doing but why does it have to be a NATIONAL EVENT that the rest of us pay for !
    I think the whole world is out of whack.

  3. Rummuser said

    India’s own gravy train was the recently held Conmens Wealth Game and some really big drivers of the gravy train are now in jail. and This man is unfortunately the MP for the city in which I live. You ask the whole city and it will say, finally nemesis has caught up with him.

  4. Grannymar said

    Well, if London have the traffic chaos that Dublin had for the four days #bettyIE came to visit, they are welcome to it. The Queen did not meet the people. They were stuck behind barriers for at least three hours at a stretch, preventing them from going to earn an honest crust.

    Next week the show moves on to BO.

  5. Dick Klade said

    My wife and I lived in Utah a few years back when the state “won” the right to host the Winter Olympics. The day before the opening ceremony, we went to Mexico for two weeks. One of the smarter moves we ever made.

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