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“Eh! .. Pass the … ?”

Posted by Big John on May 7, 2011

There is hardly a day goes by without some news story about how our health is affected by what we consume.

You know the sort of thing I mean, It’s good for you one day, bad for you the next. For example ….

“Red meat is a source of iron, protein and vitamins”. .. then .. “Red meat causes just about every cancer known to man” ! …

“Eggs are nutritious” .. then .. “Eggs contain cholesterol which clogs up your arteries” ! …

“Red wine is good for your heart” ! .. then .. “Red wine gives you a bloody headache” ! …

“Cheese and pickle sandwiches stimulate the brain” .. then .. “Cheese and pickle sandwiches cause haemorrhoids” !  😦  etc.

We’ve been bombarded by ‘ze orders’ from our ‘nanny state’ to eat five portions of fresh fruit and vegetables a day to help prevent cancer, but last year a major European study found that ‘five a day’ had little effect on reducing cancer rates: and now …

It’s SALT ! … After all these years of trying to stop us from smothering our fish and chips in the stuff, we now learn that recent research in Belgium suggests that low-salt diets don’t prevent high blood pressure, but actually increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes !

So should we take these reports “with a pinch of … seriously or just ignore them ?

I’m afraid that I tend to ignore them, for when it comes to my food, I try to eat a balanced diet and always remember my old mum’s advice when she said …

… “A little of what you fancy does you good”.


7 Responses to ““Eh! .. Pass the … ?””

  1. vijay said

    The best advice is your Mom’s.
    Ignore all reports and eat midway !!
    live upto a hundred and more !!!

  2. Rummuser said

    I do not expose myself to any of the balderdash that the media keeps churning out about what to eat and what not. I eat what I like and drink what I like and I am enjoying every morsel and drop of it. I however eat and drink to live and not vice versa.

  3. Classof65 said

    We all have to die from something.

    I’m not giving up salt.

  4. Your Mom had it right. Didn’t someone famous say, “Practice moderation in all things. . .”? Or, something like that.

    But if you really love it, what the hey!

  5. Betty said

    I agree with your Mom. Remember when eggs used to be bad for you? Now, there’s no problem with them. I like the one about red wine being good for you. Cheers!

  6. Grannymar said

    Did we have the same mother? My mother had no time for dieting either, she said we should come away from the table feeling like we could eat a little more!

  7. Ginnie said

    I’m a great believer that it’s not WHAT we eat but the fact that almost everything nowadays has been grown with pesticides or have additives, etc. We have many more diseases today than we did 100 years ago. This is particularly true of all the different types of cancer.
    Oh, well, just take another prescribed pill and it will solve everything !! and make the drug companies richer to boot.

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