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Here we go again ! – Part 2

Posted by Big John on March 30, 2011

It seems that the coalition’s air power in Libya is shooting the shit out of Gaddafi’s ground forces, judging by all those pictures on the TV news of burning tanks; but it all makes me feel sorry for those bloody unfortunate conscripts who crew them. I just hope that the poor sods managed to get out and run like hell away from all that death and destruction.

Meanwhile their ragtag rebel cousins are complaining about running out of ammunition, and Cameron and Co. are now talking about arming them. Perhaps it would be better if someone told this bunch of show-offs that they could save ammo if they stopped shouting “Allahu Akbar” and firing their AK47’s into the air.

Now it looks like members of ‘al-Qaeda’ or ‘Hizbollah’ may well be among the ranks of the rebels (you can bet your life they are), so what a bright idea to hand over a load of weapons to such a disorganized mob !

… You know it makes sense !


2 Responses to “Here we go again ! – Part 2”

  1. Maria said

    I couldn’t agree with you more.

  2. War is an exceedingly messy business. It is far better not to get involved in it in the first place because once you do, you have to accept all the nastiness, all the injustice and all the pain and suffering that goes with it. War is the bluntest and cruellest of instruments, not the clinical scalpel that politicians would have us believe it is when they take us into war.

    I was reminded of this during the Desert Storm offensive. I saw one of my students, an Iraqi, looking concerned and asked him what was wrong. He told me his brothers were in the Iraqi army and that he had not heard from them recently. This perfectly exemplifies the madness: here was I teaching this man while my compatriots were busy machine-gunning or bombing his brothers. Now tell me that war makes sense.

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