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Bourgeoisie Britain.

Posted by Big John on March 26, 2011

I see that the majority of people in the UK now consider themselves to be “middle class”, so I suppose that, as I always had a ‘white collar’ job I will have to join them, although I have always considered myself to be “working class”, as I have, like my parents, always ‘worked’ for a living.

Most people today will tell you that the old British class system is long gone. I don’t believe them. Just take a look in the gentlemen’s clubs of St. James’, the playing fields of Eton and now ‘Mahiki’ and the other haunts of the ‘Sloane Rangers’.

So if the new ‘middle class’ has replaced the old ‘working class’ what has taken it’s place ?

Well, I’m sad to say that it is the “under class”. In other words those who don’t ‘work’ for a living and live off state benefits.

Now I know that many of these people are deserving cases, and would much prefer to join the ranks of the employed and provide for themselves and their families, but there are a bloody lot more who much prefer to sit on their arses all day and ‘play the system’ for all they can get. They have never worked and have no intention of ever doing so. I prefer to call this bunch … the ‘scum scrounger class’.

So we now have four classes … ‘Upper’ … ‘Middle’ … ‘Under’ .. and ..  ‘Scrounger’ ..  or do we ?

What about the .. ‘Celeb class’ ? .. You must know them, the newspapers are full of them.  They even have whole glossy magazines devoted to them, and TV shows built around them. There are brain dead bimbos .. sporting heroes neanderthals .. airhead wanabees .. and those who are famous just for being famous. So called ‘reality TV’ is overflowing with them. They are easy to spot by their fake tans, their ‘bling’, their wigs, their ridiculous shoes, their tattoos, their inability to speak the ‘Queen’s English’, and the fact that none of them has a proper job. Ummm …

OK ! … So I’ll settle for four classes.


3 Responses to “Bourgeoisie Britain.”

  1. Ginnie said

    I volunteer twice a week at our County’s Free Care Clinic … this is for people of very low income and no health insurance. When we started 5 years ago it was amazing to see how the ones “in the know” could fleece us. Now we are much more aware of their tricks and can weed them out pretty successfully. It’s a shame when there are so many in genuine need that there are those who corrupt the sytem.
    It used to burn me up to see how lax some of them were as far as keeping Dr’s appointments. It was as if they said, “well, it’s free so who cares when I get there.” Now we have a policy that if you miss two appt’s without a valid excues you are OUT .. and no exceptions ! You should hear them scream when this happens…it warms my heart !

  2. Big John said

    Sorry about that Ginnie … My spam blocker probably objected to “health insurance”. 🙂

  3. rummuser said

    How about the Retired, Senior Citizen and Super Senior Citizen classes too? These are very inconvenient groups of people.

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