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One’s not made in China.

Posted by Big John on March 21, 2011

I see that Nutty Prince Charlie is selling a royal wedding souvenir jigsaw, which is described as .. “a finely cut wooden jigsaw featuring unique Wentworth “whimsy” pieces showing the engagement photograph of HRH Prince William and Catherine Middleton”. Price £29.95 ($47). I can’t wait to buy one.

Still, at least, the profits from it’s sale are going to charity, which is more than can be said for the ‘tat’ being sold by our future queen’s mummy and daddy and jolly old sister Pippa.

OK, so selling rubbish for parties is how they make a living, or so we are told, but do they really need to cash in on their daughter’s wedding when the family lives an enviably comfortable and privileged upper-class lifestyle, living in a large detached house in rolling countryside in the Home Counties. They are not short of a few bob if they could afford to buy Katie a £780,000 ($1,200,000) flat in the heart of Chelsea.

I bet that ‘er Maj did a ‘Queen Victoria’ and “was not amused” when she heard about the scratch cards and the other “Best of British” crap being sold by her future in-laws.

Although not sold by the Middletons, I believe that a mug has been produced for Fergie and all the ‘Sloanes’ who have been left off the invite list for the wedding. It bears the letters “NFI” standing for ‘Not Fuc Flippin’ Invited’. I won’t be buying one, but I will probably …

… buy some of .. THESE !

2 Responses to “One’s not made in China.”

  1. Something’s missing…

    Oh, I know what it is: one of those chamber pots containing an effigy of… well, anyone you like, I suppose ;)

  2. rummuser said

    I could not stop laughing for quite a while with “those”. Thank you Big John.

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