There is many a good tune played on an old fiddle.

Here we go again !

Posted by Big John on March 19, 2011

I’ve just been watching Nickle-Arse Sarkozy on the TV news telling us how the “cheese eating surrender monkies”, the Yanks, us Brits and .. Oh yes ! .. a few Arabs are going to kick Gaddafi’s arse defend the civilian population of Libya.

I just hope that this time some clever bastard has thought up a way to extract ourselves from the shit that we will inevitably find ourselves in, otherwise it will be “Eye-Rack” all over again.

I must say that I am surprised that no one has mentioned “weapons of mass destruction” this time.

Mind you no one has mentioned   …

…   OIL !  either.

2 Responses to “Here we go again !”

  1. The invasion of Iraq seems to have made our politicians stop and think before launching another offensive to bring democracy and Western values to the people of Libya. That’s probably a good thing as our cack-handed interventions have, in the past, done the most damage to the very people we were claiming to save.

    The UN, it seems to me, has taken an unconscionable amount of time to put together Resolution 1973. Now that they have, the question is: will they bother to enforce it and will it make the slightest difference?

    I note that Cameron and other leaders have nothing good to say about Gadaffi and continually talk about his downfall as something imminent and desirable despite the fact that these same politicians have been happily negotiating and doing business with Gadaffi for decades as if he was their best mate. I expect there are some deep and subtle reasons why this is not the outrageous hypocrisy that it looks like.

    Oil may not have been in the forefront of commentaries (though the Financial Times and others have been noting rises and falls in the price of oil during the debacle) but it is the “elephant in the room”, the subtext of all discussions and reports.

    What is interesting is that a wave of rebellion seems to be sweeping through the Middle East. This is a hopeful sign, or a worrying one, depending on your philosophical outlook.

  2. storyofnadia said

    You do make me cackle, Big John. I love to see someone who tells it like it is.

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