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Why no minorities in “Midsomer” ?

Posted by Big John on March 17, 2011

I have never watched the ITV series ‘Midsomer Murders’ as I’m not keen on ‘whodunnits’, but I must say that I find it a little strange that no ethnic minority characters appear in it.

The reason for this is that the the man behind the show seems to think that rural England is the sole preserve of Anglo-Saxons. This idea has now got him suspended after a storm of protests from the ‘politically correct’ brotherhood .. sisterhood .. mob.

Now I’m not in favour of sticking the ‘token’ black or Asian character in every TV drama, but I do feel that ethnic minorities should be included even when the location for the story is set in a small country town or village: for I live in such a place, and although it is rare to see a black or brown face, we do have a Chinese family running the local take-away, Asian people frying our fish and chips, and a first class pharmacist who should know all about treating ‘Delhi Belly’. Sometimes I even see a smiling black face under the peak of a postman’s cap on my way to the Asian owned convenience store: and I’m sure that this is very much the case in similar areas across the country.

Perhaps all this fuss would end if the show featured an episode set in a high street “Indian” in ‘Midsomer Magna’, ‘Ferne Basset’ or ‘Luxton Deeping’ where a bunch of ‘lager louts’ have died as a result of eating an over-spiced …

…    chicken tikka masala !     🙂


3 Responses to “Why no minorities in “Midsomer” ?”

  1. rummuser said

    Strange! I have blogged about the same thing and have also sent an email to you!

  2. Jay said

    I’ve seen a few of the “Midsomer Murders” but I never thought about there not being any minorities on that show. Funny though, if it had been an American show I probably would have.

  3. Suspending, i.e. punishing, someone for a perceived lack of ethnic minorities would be merely stupid were it not for the implications of coercion that it brings with it. Compulsory inclusion of token blacks and Asians is precisely what this suspension is aiming for. It says, in effect, that authors and producers cannot simply produce works of artistic integrity as they interpret this but have to follow some sort of template of political correctness.

    This Soviet style prescription of art and those who perpetrate it are, to my mind, beneath contempt. Of course, no one dares to tell them how stupid they are for fear of being called “racist”.

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