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Reggae-loving rodent.

Posted by Big John on February 18, 2011

What will they complain about next I wonder ? We seem to have a group of people in this country who will whinge and object about almost anything, including children’s TV.

Yes, the latest ‘racist’ programme on the BBC is … ‘Rastamouse’ !

Come on ! ..It’s entertainment for little kids of three or four years of age, and one of it’s creators is himself a black Rastafarian.

Rastamouse was launched on the BBC CBeebies channel as an animated series with particular appeal to young Afro-Caribbean children, and is based on the popular childrens’ books.

It appears that not only do some people think it racist, but they fear that their children will pick up the West Indian patois … and dat’s a bad ting.

What a load of old cobblers ! … When my daughter was young, one of her favourite TV shows was ‘Speedy Gonzales’, and she didn’t grow up …

… sounding like a Mexican.


5 Responses to “Reggae-loving rodent.”

  1. Jay said

    I loved watching Speedy Gonzales when I was a kid too. And I grew up to have tacos and tequila for lunch every day. 😉

  2. Children are capable of learning several languages and/or dialects without confusion or mixing them up. My son grew up bilingual in French and English, for example, but in some countries children learn 3 or more languages as a matter of course.

    Children will not be harmed linguistically or educationally by watching programmes that use different varieties of English. Yes, they may adopt words and phrases from them but that is part of the inventiveness of youth and does no harm.

    In my book, “racism” is an attitude that demeans and disadvantages members of the particular race merely because of their race. Simply to portray racial characteristics in art or for entertainment is not in itself racist. Unfortunately, one of the evils of the existence of racism is that it makes people over-sensitive, leading them to make exaggerated claims against the portrayal of race. Would such critics complain that films of Sherlock Holmes are racist because they portray “Englishness”? Or The Scarlet Pimpernel because it “makes fun” of the French?

  3. rummuser said

    Big John, we are increasingly getting paranoid about human relations. You have race and multiculturalism and we have caste, language, sex and religion to handle and one does not know what is exactly politically correct. We have stopped being, or are afraid to be natural.

  4. Maria said

    I would rather have political correctiveness than go back to the unglness of the time of the Civil Rights Movement or the Homophobia of many Californians a few years ago when they voted Prop 8 to reverse the right of Gays to marry.

    I do think some people carry it to the extreme. Like those here in the U.S. who want to rewrite Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn by changing the word Nigger to Slave. A black friend of mine said, “It was a word used at the time. If I were a Black back then, I would rather be a Nigger than Slave any day.

  5. frisby said

    Viendo Speedy Gonzales no tuvo ningún efecto en mí en absoluto!
    Ama a tu niña maravillosa!

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