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Government by gimmick.

Posted by Big John on February 16, 2011

Today our country is governed by a bunch of crooks professional politicians who for the most part have no experience of actual work and little knowledge of the ‘real world’, as can be demonstrated by our Tory ‘toff’ Prime Minister from ‘Planet Dave’ as he tries to ‘spin’ us his latest gimmick … “The Big Society”. (I wonder what happened to his other great idea for a voluntary “national citizen service” ?)

I won’t go into details of “Call me Dave’s” proposals, as they are well covered from all angles on TV and in the press, but I must say that his presentation made me want to puke as this Eton educated ex-member of the Bullingdon Dining Club did his shirt sleeved ‘man of the people’ act once again. Someone should tell him that Eva Peron invented this trick to give her dictator husband a new ‘image’.

I do like the idea that people should be more involved in running certain aspects of our country, but I suspect that “The Big Society” will be no more effective than the “Back to Basics” campaign of 1993, and I’m sorry to say that the words …

… “deckchairs” and “Titanic” keep springing to mind.


3 Responses to “Government by gimmick.”

  1. Jay said

    Sounds pretty much the same as we have here.

  2. I recently saw a TV programme about the Freud Museum. It told us that the new director knows nothing about Freud but has a degree in museum management. This struck me as odd because it seems to me that if you manage a specialist museum, you surely need to have specialist knowledge of its subject. I don’t see how you can do an effective job otherwise. (Similarly the polytechnic where I worked was managed by people with no experience of working in education. Unsurprisingly, they soon had the teachers up in arms at their bad policies.)

    Referring this to politics, the problem is that those who govern the country have to deal with complex matters in which they have no expertise. Putting that another way, we are being governed by a bunch of amateurs.

    How can they be expected, then, to make wise decisions? The only way this can be done is by taking the advice of experts. Now we know that government does take the advice of experts (my son is on one such panel of experts) but the problem is that the government often ignores or goes against the advice they are given, as illustrated by recent resignations of experts who resented being told what conclusions to reach by non-expert ministers.

    Whether those governing us are dishonest and corrupt can be argued over; what cannot be argued over is that lacking expert knowledge in most matters they they deal with, politicians can and do frequently get things wrong.

    In that context, the Whip system is heinous because it forces MPs to vote against what they believe to be right and therefore removes the controls on dishonesty and idiocy that the system was designed to implement. Consider, for example, Nick “Mr Liberty” Clegg: he now tells us that the government is giving us back the rights and freedoms stolen by the last Labour government. But – wait a minute – who voted those oppressive laws onto the statute book? Why, Nick Clegg, David Cameron and all the other “freedom loving” people today governing the country.

    It seems to me that what government ministers lack in expertise they make up for in hypocrisy.

  3. Big John said

    Ah! ‘Tiger’ … How I miss Jim Hacker and Sir Humphrey. 🙂

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