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Her “Funny Valentine”.

Posted by Big John on February 13, 2011

I am totally confused by this story of a sex change ex-fireman and his new “bride” !

Surely if you are going to change your sex from male to female, it is because you need to live your life as a woman. So why ‘marry’ a woman and not a man ? If you want a relationship with a woman you could stay as you are and remain equipped for the task.

It’s the same with gay men and women who fancy members of their own gender, but only when they take on the appearance of the opposite sex.

OK, I know that men and women are attracted to each other for all sorts of reasons and that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, but surely if you are attracted to members of your own sex your ideal partner would be the most handsome and masculine in the case of men, and the most feminine and beautiful in the case of women.

Apart from one or two pats on the knee and being a fan of the ‘now departed’ .. ‘Creepy Lesbo’, my experience of the homosexual world is very limited, although I did once have a great night out with a couple of gay friends at a very .. very .. strange bar in Benidorm (don’t ask !), but then this hardly qualifies me as an expert on this complex subject. So perhaps some kind person …

… can enlighten me … ?

3 Responses to “Her “Funny Valentine”.”

  1. Maybe we should start by taking the two things separately: firstly, a person in a male body who feels s/he would be happier in a female body; secondly, two people of female gender who are sexually attracted to female, rather than male, partners.

    If we accept that it is legitimate for people to undergo a sex change, then we surely accept that it is legitimate for them to experience life in every way as fully signed-up members of their chosen gender. If, further, we accept that females can be attracted to females, why would we not accept that a sex-changed female is attracted to females? I think the confusion is only apparent and is there only if we let it be there. People feel as they feel and any prejudices we may entertain don’t have any effect on the way they feel.

  2. Big John said

    I knew that you wouldn’t let me down ‘Tiger’.
    Of course “people feel as they feel” and as I always say about religion … “people have a right to believe whatever they like as long as they do no harm to others” .. and, in a way, it is the same with sexual orientation. My confusion stems not from .. “any prejudices [I] may entertain”, but from applying simple logic.

  3. rummuser said

    I was confused too. Thank you Silver Tiger. That is very clearly explained.

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