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What else do they know ?

Posted by Big John on February 3, 2011

Back in 2008 I published this post about my credit card details being stolen. Well ! .. It’s happened again, but this time my bank managed to block the transaction when some scumbag tried to use my card number to place a £1,000 ($1,500) bet with an on-line casino.

The fraud department at my bank cancelled my card and issued a new one within a couple of days, so no great inconvenience was caused, that is until I tried to make an on-line purchase using it and was greeted with the message “card not accepted” and a request to telephone a number and quote a code reference.

I called the number and found myself speaking with a lady at the bank’s fraud office again. We exchanged various bits of routine ‘security’ information about my account, such as recent purchases and payments, to establish that I was who I said I was. Nothing unusual in that, but what came next was; for she then told me that she now needed to ask me further questions to establish my identity. She said that only I would know the answers to these questions and that the information about me was based on my … “credit rating” ! … What bleed’n credit rating ? … I never knew that I had one !

I won’t go into the exact details of her questions, save to say that they involved aspects of my private and family life during the early 1990’s !

…. Now that’s bloody scary ?


5 Responses to “What else do they know ?”

  1. rummuser said

    I had a similar experience but I called up the issuing bank and had to go through their automated system which is frustrating beyond imagination. Since I had to get details from various sources, I had to keep ringing up the system four times before my problem was solved. Yes, the questions that they ask are scary indeed.

  2. Grannymar said

    I know somebody that had that happened to them. The withdrawal was made from the original stolen and cancelled card and the Bank let it through eight months after cancellation!!!! My friend only discovered it when going through a bank statement. Eventually after many calls and hard work by my friend, the bank sorted it. Guess what my friend did then? She changed banks!

  3. Big John said

    You gave me a laugh Rummuser with your reference to going through “their automated system”. Here in the UK we often finish up by talking to someone at a call centre in INDIA ! 🙂

  4. Everyone who has had a bank account or a credit card or has bought on deferred terms has a credit rating. How else do you think the credit card company decides how much credit to give you?

    If you have ever taken out a contract on a mobile phone, for example, and had to wait while they validate your account, what did you think they were doing? Knitting socks? Making tea? They were checking your credit rating, of course.

    You can find out your credit rating and similar details by using the services of one of the credit agencies but – guess what? – yes, it will cost you money to do so.

    It might be worth doing so if, for example, you find yourself being refused a credit card or a mobile phone contract. It is not unknown for the credit rating of two people with similar names to become confused, so you could be regarded as a bad risk if your rating were confused with that of someone with bad debts.

  5. Big John said

    Wow ! Thanks for all the comments Tiger. So nice to be in contact with you again and have your most welcome and informative opinions on my ‘grumpy old git’ ranting. 🙂 Sorry some comments were delayed by my spam blocker.

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