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“Is there anybody there ?”

Posted by Big John on January 28, 2011

The old joke about atheists like me is that when they die they find themselves … “all dressed up with nowhere to go” … which is not a pleasant thought, but it has never made me ‘buy into’ the belief in an afterlife or a heaven.

Now with the release of Clint Eastwood’s film .. “Hereafter” .. a survey has shown that more than half of the people in this country believe in the possibility of life after death and all sorts of other rubbish about psychic powers, ghosts and guardian angels; and yet, strangely, only about a quarter of them claim to be religious and yet a third of the nation believe in heaven. Now I’m getting confused !

OK, so if it makes you happy to believe in such creepy things and does no harm it won’t bother me too much. However, I am concerned that 7% of those questioned would like a chat with Adolf Hitler in the ‘afterlife’ ( I’m also surprised that so many of the population know who Adolf Hitler was ), while far fewer fancy a meeting with Churchill ( They feared that he would try to sell them insurance ).

The only part of this superstitious nonsense that I am attracted to is reincarnation, but only if I get to choose my new role on this planet. Something like this would do nicely, but judging by the reviews of Clint’s latest movie, I feel that the great star is destined to return as …

….   a ‘Turkey’.


6 Responses to ““Is there anybody there ?””

  1. I tell my children I want to be cremated, because if there’s any chance at all that I will come back, I sure don’t want it to be in this body!

  2. Grannymar said

    Next time round I would like to be able to sing, A bird!

  3. rummuser said

    As a believer in Advaita and evolution and natural selection, they are both complimentary, incidentally, I believe that i will take another birth unless before that I reach nirvana! But, one thing is for sure. It is highly unlikely that I will return as a turkey! A pea cock? Probably.

  4. Big John said

    Betty and Grannymar … You both sound just like my wife, she said the same.

    Rummuser … I’m sorry that your comments got delayed by my spam blocker. I’ll have to read up on ‘Advaita’, although I can’t see me tripping down a new spiritual pathway anytime soon. “A pea cock” … I like it 🙂

  5. bikehikebabe said

    We went to Sunday School & church every Sunday (Presbyterian) & my daughter is a Jehovah Witness, but I still can’t believe in an afterlife. Envy those that can. What a happy thought.

    I’ve heard that all these ‘gods’ are the adult version of children’s invisible friend.

    I think I should go to church & pray incase I’m wrong.

  6. Big John said

    Welcome ‘Bikehikebabe’ …. I’m sorry that your comment was delayed by my spam blocker.

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