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Gordon’s ‘Gestapo’.

Posted by Big John on December 6, 2008

Isn’t it nice to see the European ‘human rights’ legislation working as it should for a change, with judges at Strasbourg ruling that the police in this country are breaching the human rights of innocent people by storing their DNA on a database.

It would seem that hundreds of thousands of people who have no criminal convictions are on this database, and it appears that the UK is the only one of the 47 members of the Council of Europe to permit the “systematic and indefinite” retention of DNA samples and profiles from people who have been acquitted. Bugger me ! .. That means that we are more of a ‘Stasi’ state than all those members of the Council who were once part of the  ‘Soviet Block’.

After last week’s arrest of an opposition MP who’s only crime appeared to be exposing the failures of our dodgy government, can anyone doubt, as they look up at those ever present CCTV cameras and answer to more and more ‘accredited’ jobsworths, some of whom are using anti-terror laws to spy on any citizen suspected of the most minor infringements, that we are slowly having every aspect of our lives recorded: .. and for what purpose ?  I understand that in the next census we will even be asked if we are .. ‘gay’ .. ‘straight’ .. or .. ‘other’ ? (don’t ask !)

Now databased identity cards are ‘just around the corner’ (as if we don’t all have enough already), and as usual people say .. “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear”.. and it’s all to do with the ‘war on terror’.

Well,  having my ‘life’s history’ on record and available for half the bloody civil service to read (and Gawd knows who else ?) is not something I relish, and the lack of a plastic card ain’t going to stop some suicide bomber, so I think that I’ll opt out of that one.

Unfortunately I can’t completely escape our ‘surveillance society’, but whenever possible I shall tell these ‘state snoopers’ to … “Piss off !” … and …

…    “Mind their own bloody business” ! 


3 Responses to “Gordon’s ‘Gestapo’.”

  1. Ginnie said

    I can answer this and your last blog John by just saying that today when a curt saleslady asked me for my zip code before she rang up my item and I refused to give it to her she became very, very rude. She said that it was just for a survey that her store was doing and I told her that I could care less about her survey and she didn’t need my zip code to take my money. Like you, I can’t see giving more info than is absolutely necessary. When she called her supervisor over I told him that I’d be happy to buy my purchase from a competing store and all of a sudden they didn’t need my zip code ! Amazing…

  2. While the EU has pulled our chestnuts from the fire this time, we may not be so lucky in other cases. The UK is sleep-walking into a police state and its citizens don’t seem to care.

  3. The UK is tasking the lead, but other so called democracies are watching. In the case of Canada and the USA the government spy on their citizens illegally all the time.

    One of the things I learned as a Private Investigator and as a “spook” for the Signal corp is that the right to privacy is a myth and if you are the target for any reason trivial or criminal it can come back to bite you on the butt, i.e. no fly lists, etc etc.


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