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No place for a lady ?

Posted by Big John on October 24, 2008

In my working days when I was in a management role I was often criticised for employing women in jobs where men were in the majority; for I have always been in favour of equality for women in the workplace: although I do appreciate that there are a few tasks which may be considered unsuitable for the ‘weaker 😳 sex’. One of these being front line combat soldiers.

Now I know that we have come a long way from the days when I served in the RAF some fifty years ago, and was introduced to the then ‘Women’s Royal Air Force’ by a grizzled Flight Sergeant who still referred to them by their WW2 name … ‘WAAFs’, and advised me and the other new young conscripts to beware of ‘WAAFs’ as they were only used .. “as officers’ groundsheets”: but are we now ready for Kurkri wealding young ladies from Nepal crying .. “Ayo Gorkhali” .. as they charge into battle ?

Yes, the barmy ‘PC’ brigade in our government is at it again by announcing that the Army would recruit female Gurkhas from 2009, despite the fact that, unlike the rest of the British Army, all Gurkhas are given full infantry training, no matter what job they do, so that they are always ready for action.

Can you believe that a government which fought through the courts to stop Gurkha veterans from settling in Britain, is now imposing unwanted changes on the Army for fear of being sued by Nepalese women ?

Blimey ! How many budding Himalayan heroines can there be ?

The Gurkha motto is … “Better to die than live a coward”.

Somehow I can’t see the ‘Whitehall Warriors’ …

…    sticking that over their desks anytime soon.




4 Responses to “No place for a lady ?”

  1. I have come across women in so many roles that I am not convinced that there are any jobs that are in principle unsuitable for women.

    It is not the case that any man who applies for a given job is automatically accepted. His fitness for the job has to be proven. Applying that principle to women as well removes many of the silly objections such as “Women aren’t strong enough”, “Women don’t have the necessary confidence”, etc.

    Much as I deplore violence and war, assuming that it is necessary to have soldiers, I see no reason why women should not serve as soldiers provided that they receive exactly the same training and support as their male colleagues.

    If Nepali women want to become soldiers, good luck to them. I suspect that, as in other departments of life, they might even teach the men a thing or two.

  2. Big John said

    Blimey ! ‘Tiger’ … Where do you find the time ? 🙂

    Your comments are always most welcome and often add a bit of erudite ‘class’ to my humble efforts. 😉

  3. Darlene said

    Living on the other side of the pond I hadn’t heard about this. Your point is well taken, though.

    Women have been in the front lines of most wars as nurses and drivers. I see no reason why a woman who wants to be in the Army should not be allowed. Neither do I see a reason to force a woman to join if that is not their forte. I would have made a lousy soldier but the Amazons did pretty good.

  4. Terri said

    The feminists would hate me, but…..nurses in the front line, okay. But you said, “front line combat soldiers” and that I disagree with. And those feminists would probably flog me for this one, but….I have a real problem with the female military over in Iraq that have left children at home. Many could debate me strongly and say “well, the guys have children at home too.” Very true. However….guess I’m just that old-fashioned. I would think that female could serve in some other capacity rather than leaving her child/children while she’s off fighting a war.
    Just my opinion.

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