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Is it meant to be Sainsbury’s ?

Posted by Big John on September 30, 2008

Until today I had never heard of ‘The Stuckists’, who for the last eight years have protested against the Turner Prize, which they call …

… “An annual media circus created by the Tate Gallery in order to showcase the most bland and pretentious art currently produced in Britain.”

Well that’s putting it mildly. I much prefer the message on the button badges which they are handing out …

… “THE TURNER PRIZE IS CRAP !”  …  and …

… speaking of ‘crapping’, one of the fancied exhibits this year features a dummy doing just that alongside a supermarket check-out in a ‘work’ entitled .. ‘I Give You All My Money’. Another mannequin has it’s head in a bird cage, and other rubbish is scattered around in what curator Carolyn Kerr describes as .. “Incredibly carefully composed and precisely placed and formed from ready-made objects we find in the everyday world … as well as incredibly personal objects — bowls that she’s fed her family and her children from.” … She added … “They are drawn together to form a story, but not a story that’s specific or defined.”.

Art critic Rachel Campbell-Johnston (Yes, her again) said the work this load of old ‘cobblers’ .. “though defying easy interpretation, may be the most approachable of all the four shortlisted artists”  (I’ll spare you my opinions on those) .. and ..”If you are going to come along and say ‘What does it mean ?’, you’re not going to get an answer in this piece. It’s a long surrealist journey,”   … 

I bet it is luv … and …

…   one I will not be taking !


2 Responses to “Is it meant to be Sainsbury’s ?”

  1. Modern art and modern art critics, don’t you just love ’em? No, not really, but as charlatans and self-deluded cranks go, they are relatively harmless. Let them blather away, as long as they keep out of my face.

    Mounting a protest against art or art competitions, well, that’s a bit different. It smacks of that other kind of incoherent irrationality, religion. “Your art is wrong, my art is right…”

    Besides which, I don’t think all modern art is crap, only the modern art that I’ve seen. Quite possibly there is some I haven’t seen that is actually quite good. There’s always a hope that I’ll bump into some of the latter. That’ll probably be the week I win a major prize in the Lotto.

  2. Ginnie said

    In my opinion there’s a lot of “crap” that so-called artists try to fool us into thinking is ART…but, who am I to say…some of this stuff actually sells!

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