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“Oh what a circus ! … “

Posted by Big John on August 31, 2008

I don’t know too much about American politics, and in any case everything that could be said or written about The Democratic Convention and Barack Obama’s acceptance speech has already been said or written.

What I can never understand about Americans is why they seem to need all that razzamattaz and schmaltz when taking part in such a serious process as electing the most powerful man in the world.

Why all the grandeur and pomposity of a fake temple ? … Why all the hugging and kissing and happy smiling families on stage being ‘drowned’ in confetti ? … and … 

Who the hell was that tall black ‘mom’ telling Barack that she loved him, and thought he would make a great President ? … I bet that ‘uppity’ Michelle was a bit pissed off !   😉 … and … 

Have you ever seen a more ‘pass the sick bag ‘ moment than when Bill Clinton mouthed .. “I love you” .. to ‘Gitmo’ suited Hillary ?

Surely all this mawkishness must cost Obama votes, but let us hope not.

I can hardly wait to see the ‘three ring’  … 

…     John and Sarah show !  🙂


4 Responses to ““Oh what a circus ! … “”

  1. Ginnie said

    You’ve hit it on the head again, John, but it’s not just here in the good old USA. I pray that Obama wins and will be extremely embarrassed if our citizens choose 4 more years of the same garbage that we’ve had for the past 8 … mainly because they couldn’t abide the thought of a “non white” in that office. I just wish we could grow up…as a people and a nation.

  2. Because to
    Americans the illusion is more important than the substance.


    p.s. It reminds me of the 1930’s Mickey Rooney movies where the solution to every problem was lets have a show.

  3. Terri said

    Hmm, not sure I agree with you on this one, John. I’m not saying it’s right…but America has always gone a bit “over the top” in many aspects of our society. Just the way it is. Unlike Europe. Personally, I liked all the hoopla of the backdrop for Obama’s speech. It added to the energy we’re hoping to stir for the election. I liked the families all coming out on stage….it gives us, the voter, a more personal feel to all of it.
    Of course, when all is said and done…’s the bottom line that counts. ie: Who is the best person to lead our country and make things happen for the better of the people.
    I’ve always felt it’s the Democrat party that will accomplish this. So I’ll put up with some of the glitz… long as the majority of votes will be cast for Obama.

  4. Darlene said

    I think the object of the hoopla is to energize the troops and to introduce people to the candidate. Unfortunately, that’s the first time over half of the electorate will pay any attention to the most important election in my time. Some people just don’t appreciate how precious and fragile democracy is and you have to hit them over the head. In a way, the glitz and glitter gets their attention where a sane and sober campaign just won’t cut it. Sad, but true.

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