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A mammoth affair.

Posted by Big John on July 30, 2008

There was a very interesting programme on TV last night which suggested that Homo Sapiens was not responsible for the demise of the Neanderthals, but had, to some degree, interbred with them.

There was lots of scientific stuff about D and A testing of bones using machines that probably cost millions, and people far brighter than me discussed the resulting evidence at length.

I could have saved them all that time and money by taking them to my local pub, where on any night of the week the knuckle dragging descendants of those who took part in that Paleolithic rumpy-pumpy can be seen chewing ribs while their surly young offspring’s eyes watch you from beneath their prominent brows.

I can’t imagine wanting to mate with a smelly cavewoman (Well maybe ?), but I suppose that if you were a prehistoric man who had schlepped all the way from Africa to the middle of Europe a local hairy Mary may have had some appeal.

Ist Homo Sapiens … “I hear that there are Neanderthal women in the next valley”.

2nd Homo Sapiens … “Let’s go then !”.

1st Homo Sapiens … “Why are you running ?”

2nd Homo Sapiens … “I want to get there before the rest of our tribe”.

1st Homo Sapiens … “Why ?”

2nd Homo Sapiens … “Well you don’t want to get an ugly one

                                   …  do you ?   😕


2 Responses to “A mammoth affair.”

  1. Ginnie said

    You have a great imagination, John. That reminds me of the naughty joke about the cowboys years ago who had no women around. A new guy asked, “What do you do?” and they said they had some cute pigs down the road a bit. The guy thought it was pretty gross but he figured “when in Rome, etc.” so he went and chose a real cutie. As soon as the other cowboys saw him they ran for cover or quivered in fear. The new guy was confused and said “I thought you said this was the practice here” and they said, “We did…but you chose Ringo’s gal”.

  2. Betty said

    We have plenty of slack-jawed knuckle-draggers around here, too.

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