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Who needs a ‘Pulitzer’?

Posted by Big John on July 23, 2008

Well bugger me, I’ve just walked up the old cyberspace red carpet again to receive yet another well deserved award. This time from my friend and fellow Francophile … ‘Terri’…  What an honour !

So as I wipe away a tear (sniffle !), in the tradition of acceptance speeches, I would like to thank all those who made this possible, including … 
The Fourth Estate (for providing me with so much inspiring crap) …
‘er Maj and her mob (for being the endless source of rant material)… 
The German Luftwaffe (for missing me) …
My local Sainsbury’s, (for having such a fine assortment of loony customers)  …
All politicians (I thank them from the heart of my bottom) …
The Royal Air Force (for all that bloody boring nostalgia) …
The Almighty’ (for providing all those religious nutters for me to castigate, and for not ‘whacking’ me with a lightning bolt)…  and speaking of whacking I ought to include …
My old school (for teaching me to .. rite prop’r English …’Er … like wot I do now).

I just can’t go on as I am getting too emotional, but before I go I must not forget .. ‘She who must be obeyed’ (for unlocking the computer for an hour every other day).

Now I understand that I have to nominate seven other bloggers for the award …

A difficult choice for I tend to read only the best, so will the following please drop to one knee whilst I (in the absence of ‘er Maj) dub thee as ‘Brilliant Webloggers’ …

OSCARANDRE – ‘The Eclectic Garden’

BETTY – ‘A Piece of my Mind’

SILVER TIGER – ‘Living and Loving in North London’

CHRIS and SHANA – ‘Life with the Frumplingtons’

MARK – ‘Longrider’

RED BARONIn the hope that his ‘words’ will soon return.

GINNIE – ‘Goldendaze-Ginnie’

OK, so Ginnie has already received this award from Terri, but my list would not be complete without her. We oldies more mature bloggers can take all the adulation.

 If you wish, you may insert the award into your blog with a link to me, but if you do not feel so inclined …

…  I accept all credit cards.  😆


8 Responses to “Who needs a ‘Pulitzer’?”

  1. Betty said

    Thank you, John. I’ve been feeling a bit bereft of ideas for my blog, lately. Maybe this will give me the incentive to try harder.

  2. Ginnie said

    You’ve completely out-classed me, John. All I said to Terri was “Thanks”. Your acceptance speech was brilliant and I appreciate your kindness in nominating me again…we “oldsters” have to stick together…but, old or not, your blog is on my all-time favorite list.

  3. I’m older than both of you. Congrats John (of the bigger sort) ha ha.

  4. Thank you for the positive mention, John, for such are always welcome.

    The next bit is harder for me to say. Perhaps the simplest is for me to point you to a comment I put on the Indy blog. The link is here.

  5. Big John said

    I read your comment Tiger, you old party-pooper you. 😀
    I must admit that my blog is usually a ‘meme free zone’, and you will note that I don’t insist on others taking part. As you say ‘positive mentions are always welcome’, and any inspiration for a new post is also welcome. Anyway I’ve never been able to resist an opportunity for a bit of self-aggrandizement. 😆

  6. Chris said

    Well, gee, thanks John. Here are the votes from the Frumplingtons jury: ‘The not brilliant Brillante award‘.

  7. Oscarandre said

    Why, thank you, Sir – gratefully accepted…:)

  8. Terri said

    Oh Lord! I REALLY needed to come here this morning and laugh….and laugh, I did! Brilliant acceptance speech, John. (I’m still giggling)
    You were MOST deserving of this award and your post here proves it.
    I’ve had the week from hell and it’s always so reassuring to know that I can come here and for a few moments, I can laugh. Because I still believe, no matter what, laughter is the best medicine.
    Best to you, John.

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