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A dubious documentary.

Posted by Big John on July 20, 2008

In recent years many aspects of ‘young’ America have crept into the everyday lives of youngsters in this country.

Cheerleaders .. Marching Bands .. Baton Twirling .. School Year Books .. Proms .. etc. all seem so ‘un-British’ to an old fart like me, but I guess that to many kids today they are fun, and they certainly do no harm, unlike one recent US ‘import’  …

The other evening I watched a TV programme called .. ‘Sasha: Beauty Queen at 11’ .. and I have to say that I was shocked to learn that we now have a  .. ‘Junior Miss British Isles’ competition .. Britain’s first adult-style beauty pageant for children.

The programme showed a young girl being forced by her ‘scary’ mother out of her childhood and into some weird world of make-up, fake tans, hair extensions and false finger nails, in the hope that she would one day become the next .. Jordan ! .. The poor kid even described herself as .. “Pretty, blonde and DUMB” .. and at times subtitles had to be used so that viewers could understand the inane conversations taking place between moronic mother and miserable daughter. 

At one point ‘Mummy’ took Sasha and her younger brother along to a model agency specialising in children and seemed very surprised when she discovered that they only wanted fresh and natural looking kids.

The family ended up in Texas to take part in a ‘genuine’ American Beauty Pageant and received a few tips from an ‘expert mom’ who seemed to have no qualms about sexualising her pre-pubescent daughter. The pageant appeared to be a pretty ‘tatty’ affair and I saw little sign that Sasha was enjoying herself. Needless to say, she didn’t win.

I dread to think how many more demented monsterous mothers there are out there ready to inflict their ambition and own brand of cruelty on their children. I just wish that I could give each one of them …

…    a good kick up the arse !   😡


5 Responses to “A dubious documentary.”

  1. Ginnie said

    Just another example where we think alike, John. Those mothers should be put behind bars…their little kids don’t stand a chance in the “real world”…if they ever get there.

  2. Betty said

    Those mothers are everywhere, here. They are teaching their daughters to be every bit as vacuous and shallow as they are, themselves. They can’t see that it is exploitation.

  3. Oscarandre said

    And ironically enough, John, that kick up the arse would be more likely to be seen as cruelty than the behaviour of the mother and you’d be doubtless arrested. Funny little place the world, isn’t it… I knew it was all over years ago when, in the rough and tumble gold mining town of Kalgoorlie, I watched 12 year old boys leaving the cricket pitch giving “high fives.” America had arrived…

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more! I continue to be appalled by what so many mothers in this country are doing to their young kids, who won’t be young kids much longer after being exposed to the kind of crap associated with becoming a “model” or whatever. To try to live out your own ego infested dreams through your children is the worst.

  5. This is just one manifestation of something that has always gone on: ambitious parents have always been there to turn their kids into singers, dancers, actors, and in a word, “stars”. In the murky shadows lurk even more insalubrious ambitions such as setting up one’s daughter as the wife or mistress or some rich or influential man. (c.f. The Book of Ruth in the jolly old Bible.)

    Beauty contests are a highly visible facet of this trade but by no means its only manifestation.

    As for sexualizing the little darlings, well, hasn’t this already been done in a thousand subtle and not so subtle ways? Aren’t kids’ magazines full of sex tips, along with the fashion tips and the make-up tips? Are there any kids today who, even if not yet sexually active, don’t know “what it’s all about”? I doubt it. You can’t act sexy unless you know what you are supposed to be acting.

    I agree that it is unpleasant and that parents should know better, but I doubt whether kids pushed into beauty contests are harmed by it more than they are by other sorts of parental ambition. I can name at least one child star, a singer, whose death from anorexia is generally linked to the pressures of her stage career. Ask Petula Clark or Shirley Temple whether they regret being made child stars and I very much doubt that they will give you an unequivocal yes.

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