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The piffle of the ‘press’.

Posted by Big John on July 17, 2008

Amongst all the really important news in the papers at the moment, such as … Is Ronnie Wood bonking a teenage Russian waitress ?, or … Will Lib. Dem. MP, Lemsip Optic, (or whatever his bloody name is), give his Transylvanian ‘Cheeky Girl’ the elbow ?  or even … Will all those Anglican priests stop getting their cassocks in a twist and embrace (if that’s the right word for it ?) gay bishops ? … I came across one item that seems, for some reason, to have received little coverage …

No, it’s not the story about Barack changing his name to O’Bama to win the Irish American vote, nor is it ‘er Maj in a bikini, but the one about the man who was called a pervert for taking photographs of his own children in a case of what can only be called parental paranoia.

So despite all the shooting and starving going on in various parts of the world, nothing much appears to be happening at the moment according to most newspapers. Oh! … The price of a barrel of oil fell by $14, but they seemed to have missed that.

Sorry, I nearly forgot … The man who so bravely sent our troops off to war ‘chickened out’ of a visit to Gaza this week, while his greedy cow of a wife has agreed that she was wrong to accept payment for making a speech at a charity event in Australia. What a lovely couple ! … and speaking of ‘lovely’ (if you are a horse that is) …

I see that Sarah Jessica Parker’s mole has made the front page !

I think that it must be about time for one of those …

‘Let’s scare the shit out of them’ HEADLINES !


3 Responses to “The piffle of the ‘press’.”

  1. Chris said

    It won’t be long before winter time is with us again, though. Then we can all start worrying about ‘proper’ threats again — like bird flu! Go on, tell me you’re not just a leetle bit scared.

  2. Terri said

    You covered the current news spot on and once again managed to make me chuckle.
    And for this……….Go check out my blog post today because I’ve awarded you a blogging award and you can collect at my place.
    The reason: Your wonderful tongue-in-cheek sense of humor and brilliant way of viewing the world and all that’s in it.

  3. Ya, you are right, where is Chicken Little when we really need him, ha ha.


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