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Fervent ‘fundies’ are no fun.

Posted by Big John on May 23, 2008

Whenever I visited the USA back in the 70’s and 80’s I liked to watch all of those bible bashing preachers on TV on a Sunday morning. I found them more fun to watch than many of the comedy shows.

Now, years later, I find very little funny about American style Christian fundamentalism and am dismayed that it now seems to have a foothold in this country.

The other evening I watched the TV programme ‘Dispatches’ – ‘In God’s Name’, which showed how hard-line Christian activists are now attempting to make an impact on our society by mobilising their well funded believers nationally.

Amongst other things, followers believe that homosexuality and abortion should be illegal, that there should be no sex before marriage and that the law of blasphemy should be strictly enforced, and .. Oh ! .. “the world is only 4000 years old .. or .. Umm ? .. maybe 6000 years” !

They believe that the Bible is the true word of God .. literally ! .. and are intolerant of, and hostile towards other faiths. One religious nutter said that ‘Allah’ was “Satan” and that Islam is “a false religion”.

The film followed politically active and agressive Christian groups and showed them making some headway as a significant voice in British politics.

Having seen what influence the ‘Christian Right’ can have in America, where an unbelievable 20% of the population are said to be ‘fundamentalists’, I am concerned that these looney peoples’ ideas and methods will take root here.   

Now, as a non believer, I have always said the everyone is entitled to follow any religion they choose, so long as they do no harm, and do not try to impose their beliefs on others. I include in this the good old religious practices of ‘brain-washing’ young children and scaring the shit out of the more primitive peoples of the world. 

I’ve not yet come across one of these religious ‘storm troopers’, but if one should come to my door wanting to ‘save me’, I will greet him with the news that I am a ‘born again atheist’ who … 

…   only needs saving from the likes of him.


4 Responses to “Fervent ‘fundies’ are no fun.”

  1. Betty said

    The Right-Wing Wackos, as we are so fond of calling them, were let out from under their rocks at the GOP convention that nominated George H.W. Bush. It has taken us this long to beat them back, but this year, at last, there is some evidence that we are succeeding. It has been a grim few years with them meddling into politics. I don’t wish it on any other country.

  2. Ginnie said

    Once again, you are right “on”, John. This poor world is in sad shape and so much of it is done “in the name of God.” Makes me sick.

  3. I think we have spent long decades believing that religion is on the way out and that it is a spent force. We have therefore done little or nothing to counter its mendacious propaganda, thinking this unnecessary. By now, anyone with half a brain should be aware that this is no longer the case.

    We need to teach science properly in schools, and actively combat the passing off of fantasy as fact. This is one reason why the government’s infatuation with faith schools is so wrong. Letting religious organizations teach our children is not “liberal”; it is the very opposite. It is conspiring to close young minds and lock out their ability to learn.

    The battle against bigotry can be won – and I believe it must inevitably be won in the long run – but we risk a setback here and now if we don’t keep our wits about us.

  4. Bruce Dearborn Walker said

    There are a lot fewer of these people than you would suppose from TV. On television every Muslim is a terrorist, every cop a psychotic thug, and every Christian a narrow minded Bible-belt bigot. TV makes it’s money by shocking and scaring us while appealing to our worse natures and prejudices. They find the absolute worst examples of a group and then trumpet them as if they are the norm.

    All of the Christians I know are very decent live-and-let-live types who are trying to be better people, and would give you a good hand up if you needed it and asked. For that matter, so are all of the Muslims I know.

    The preachers (and Imams) and politicians–well, they are a different matter entirely.

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