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How many units in a magnum ?

Posted by Big John on May 20, 2008

I see that the government is pissing another £10 million up the wall in an attempt to get us all to drink less alcohol.

Dawn Primarolo, the Public Health Minister, said: “Glass sizes have grown larger and the strength of many wines and beers has increased, so it’s no wonder some of us have lost track of our alcohol consumption.” … and I’ve lost track of how many millions have been wasted by this bloody ‘nanny state’ on all the other gimmicks to ‘educate’ those of us who enjoy a drink or three.

One of my best friends drank himself to death at the age of forty, so I do know how serious an adiction to booze can be, and it is obvious to anyone who dares to venture into our town centres on a Friday and Saturday night what a devastating effect this same government’s ’round the clock’ drinking laws can have on many young people.

I doubt if yet another campaign stressing how many ‘units’ are contained in a glass will be noticed by the hard case drinker or prevent the ‘ladette’ from throwing up in the gutter, and it will do nothing to stop that glass being refilled a few times by the average person enjoying a night out at the pub or a relaxing evening at home.

The £10 million would be far better spent if it were donated to Alcoholics Anonymous or some other organisation or medical facility dedicated to helping those whose lives have in some way been affected by alcohol; instead of it being ‘trousered’ by some smooth advertising man as he sips his Veuve Clicquot, as the guest of some minister, at one of the nineteen unlicensed and subsidized bars and restaurants …

…   within The Palace of Westminster. 


4 Responses to “How many units in a magnum ?”

  1. I agree that if there is an effective way of tackling a problem and an ineffectual but expensive way of tackling it, you can usually rely on the government to choose the latter. I suppose it’s part of a plan to put money into the pockets of the sort of capitalist drones who these days finance the Labour party.

    I don’t mind people drinking themselves to death. It’s up to them, after all. What I do object to is being put at risk by oiks turned stupid or criminal by over-indulgence. I don’t mind how heavily the law treads on them.

    That’s why I am rather intrigued by Barmy Boris’s plan to outlaw the consumption of alcohol on tubes and buses in London. I have no doubt that the idea is a good one; I just doubt that it can be effectively enforced. I rather fear that the cost will be a few more clobbered bus drivers.

  2. Red Baron said

    Neither the laws nor the round the clock opening hours are likely to have difference there is a problem with the drinking culture in this country. After all they don’t have open container laws in Germany or France that I know of and they have long opening hours and the problem is not as widespread. Furthermore the laws on the drinking age in the US so not deter underage drinkers any more than prohibition did in the 1930s.

    Deep-rooted problems cannot be solved by knee-jerk legislation and ticking offs and that appears to be very much the vogue of the last 20 years of politics. And we are reaping wat they have sown for us.

  3. Ginnie said

    It’s all so ridiculous. If a person wants to drink or drug they will find it somewhere. I’m convinced of that and it’s only when you want to NOT drink more than you want to drink that you can stop it. That’s the time that AA comes in to the picture and we help each other to overcome the obsession.
    BTW, John, did you know that Alcoholics Anonymous does not accept any donations except for the dollars that members put in the basket…that goes for coffee, etc. and to send to the General Service Office for upkeep and books. Even when an AA member dies they can only give a one-time contribution of $1,000 or less to AA. This is all done because the founders learned early on that money leads to corruption and our primary purpose is to help the alcoholic by sharing our life’s stories…not by the amount of money we can throw at the problem.
    This is probably much more info than you need … hat’s off to the normal drinker who can enjoy it without it being a problem.

  4. Red Baron said

    Sorry fella but someone had to get it and you’re always a soft target for a bit of tagging. Questions are on my site. Think of it as an easy entry one you don’t have to concentrate on.

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