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Just look up and smile.

Posted by Big John on May 6, 2008

As I was entering the gentlemen’s toilets at my local Sainsbury’s supermarket the other day, I saw a sign on the door warning that CCTV was in operation. I didn’t take too much notice as I was in a bit of a hurry, but as I sat looking at the coat peg on the door of the stall, I noticed another ‘warning’ written in felt-tip ink just above it. It read … ‘Look out for the pinhole camera in the light fitting above your head’.  😯

A joke ? … Well I hope so, but not too far from the truth if the latest reports on our surveillance mad society are to be believed, for it seems that the UK has more CCTV cameras than any other country in Europe.

Now we know that these cameras are good at making money by catching parking offenders, or people dropping litter in the street, but has all this expensive technology made us all safer ? … Of course it hasn’t. In fact according to the boss of Scotland Yard’s Visual Images, Identifications and Detections Office … “It’s been an utter fiasco”.

All I know is that the bloody things are everywhere, and they are not always easy to spot, because now these devices come in all shapes and sizes and can be disguised as … street lamps … light fittings … smoke alarms etc. … and now you can even be ‘caught on camera’ by your local school crossing ‘lollipop’ lady.

So be warned … Be careful where you park … put your bleedin’ litter in the bin … don’t swear at the lollipop lady … and …

…  don’t use too much toilet paper !  🙄


4 Responses to “Just look up and smile.”

  1. Maria said

    We have them here, too. Some of our stores have cameras in the dressing rooms. This really freaks me out. Whatever happened to the right to privacy. On the other hand, if it helps

  2. There is a cctv camera on a pole at the point where Baron Street meets Chapel Market (N1). It is easily visible from Pane Vino, the cafe where we often go. Now, this camera actually moves quite often and it’s fun trying to work out what the operator is looking at or for.

    It seems to spend some time staring directly at the car parked in front of the Alma public house. Maybe this is the operator’s car. Or his girlfriend’s. Maybe he’s wondering what his girlfriend’s doing in the Alma.

    I have on occasion thought of giving the camera a cheerful wave but you never know how a paranoid operator might take this. Better simply to pretend you haven’t noticed it watching you as you trudge contently home after cheese omelette and chips.

  3. frisby said

    In the London borough where I work, the CCTV is very effective and is used properly and effectively to help law enforcement. There’s many a local scumbag who has been caught because we have been able to direct the CCTV operators to get them on camera. It’s also nice to know they are keeping an eye on you when you are surrounded by a dozen of the local low-life ‘gangstas’! 😉

  4. Ginnie said

    I get freaked out when I pass a plate glass window and see a little old gray haired lady looking at me…and then realize it’s me! My point being that I’ve decided to disregard all and every type of imaging and just pretend it isn’t there. Not sane but it keeps me happier.

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