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‘Cool’ research results.

Posted by Big John on May 3, 2008

It looks like those polar bears can stop worrying about their ice floes disappearing if scientists at the Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences are to be believed, for according to them we are in for a ten year period of global cooling.  Some reports even claim that the earth stopped warming up six years ago.

Now that’s a surprise ! For just when I thought that I was about to be trampled to death by hordes of carbon footprints or asphixiated by the gases in my greenhouse, I now find that I may have made a big mistake by planting date palms in my garden and digging that well.

OK, so I may not be an expert on the subject of climate change, in fact I hardly know my El Niño from my La Niña, but I do feel that most of what is happening to our planet has happened many times before and is perfectly normal.

What has not happened before, however, is that a bunch of greedy bastards have created a whole new ‘climate change industry’ by scaring the shit out of the more gullible amongst us, including some not too bright world leaders.

So I suppose that this new information means that we don’t have to feel guilty anymore about using those patio heaters, spraying our armpits, flying to the ‘Costas’, driving a 4X4, and farting out-of-doors.

Even with petrol (gas) now costing £5 ($9.50) a gallon, this holiday weekend will still see millions of sun seeking motorists clogging up our highways and chucking out clouds of CO2 into the atmosphere.  I wonder how many of them will know that they may no longer need be concerned about increasing the size of  …

the hole in the ozone layer ?  😀


4 Responses to “‘Cool’ research results.”

  1. Chris said

    If the greedy climate change industry has its way, most of the land that is currently used to grow food will be wasted on growing biofuel crops instead. Motorists (and the rest of us too) won’t have to worry about the ozone layer: we’ll all be too busy worrying about the world food shortage. (Forget the price of petrol for once and check the price of bread instead.)

    Still, it’s good to know that, whatever happens, there’ll always be something to worry about 🙂 Unfortunately, we threw away our copy of HM Govt’s little book, ‘Preparing for Emergencies’. Any chance of a lend of yours, John?

  2. Betty said

    What a relief! Thanks for the info, John. 😉

  3. Ginnie said

    Well, here’s where we depart a bit in our thinking. I think there is a tremendous amount we can do to improve our universe…without being scared to death, but by not sticking our heads in the sand, either.

  4. Lucy said

    Gasoline is about $3.70 a gallon for premium here, and I think that’s terrible; but, $9.50? Unthinkable!

    Global warming? I don’t know, but it certainly couldn’t hurt us if we all conserved a little and were a little more careful with our natural resources.

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