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A spluttering symbol.

Posted by Big John on April 8, 2008

Did you ever see such an undignified shambles as that ridiculous Olympic flame procession through London on Sunday.

We had cops on bikes (and then not on bikes) escorting the flame, we had ‘bobbies’ loosing their helmets as usual, we had riot officers trying to look less threatening by wearing ‘soft’ caps, and in the middle of this lot we had a group of Chinese ‘robots’ in blue tracksuits surrounding the person carrying the torch.

No one seemed to be in charge and the Chinese ‘goon squad’ looked like they were about to leap into some ‘kung-fu’ style action at any moment. Probably aimed at the police.

Cameramen, photographers and protesters alike were sent flying as this messy mob jogged and scuffled it’s way through all the chaos towards Downing Street where Gordon Brown, looking lost as usual, greeted the torch, accompanied by Tessa Jowell disguised as a bag lady. How the world must have been impressed !

Yesterday the bloody torch reached Paris surrounded by those ever friendly officers of the CRS plus a hundred ‘gendarmes’ on rollerblades and half the city’s firemen. I was a bit puzzled by the ‘firemen’. Perhaps they thought that the blue tracksuits were a fire hazard, as so much Chinese manufactured crap is.

I was, however, a bit disappointed in the Parisien protesters. They put on a much better show in 1789.

Apparently the torch relay was introduced at Hitler’s 1936 Berlin Olympics, which was described at the time as … “a Nazi party rally disguised as a sporting event” … and … George Orwell once said … “International sporting contests lead to orgies of hatred” …

… and old George knew a thing or two.


5 Responses to “A spluttering symbol.”

  1. You have to give the French protesters credit for putting the flame out. Ours didn’t manage that. I hope the rest of the flame relay will as as inauspicious for China.

    If you thought this carnival of fools a shambles, wait until we get the Games here in London. I hope all those idiots who “supported” our bid will enjoy the extra tax bill they will have foisted on them to pay off the tremendous debts the Games will build up and the disruption of life before, during and after the Games.

    The Olympic Games may once have been a noble idea (though I am not sure about that) but it is no longer. I have no respect for the Olympic Committee who favour dictators and oppressors while hypocritically claiming that the Games are not political. Of course, they are. Any international event inevitably is. By being “neutral” towards China, they are supporting oppression.

    The one good thing about this shambles is that it has brought the spotlight to bear upon the horrendous human rights abuses of the Chinese government. Instead of bringing respectability to their country, it has done the opposite.

    Every time the flame is extinguished, I shall cheer.

  2. Betty said

    I understand the torch was extinguished in France. They surrendered, once again.

  3. frisby said

    I felt sorry for the UK coppers (the ones who started on bikes!). Running along in boots and Met Vests (stab/bullet proof body armour)is no fun for any length of time! I bet they thought they’d have a nice cushey day when they started off on their bikes!

  4. Chris said

    ‘Ridiculous Olympic flame procession’? Ha! What was even funnier was the equally ridiculous Konnie Huq, who was quoted at least a hundred times on BBC News 24: when asked if she had been wearing any secret pro-Tibet badges while carrying the torch, she gleefully replied “I was wearing nothing under my tracksuit”. Really, there are some things it is better not to know 🙂

  5. Pimme said

    I’ll be interested to know if the US boycotts the opening ceremonies or not.

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