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‘Gravy train’ Tony.

Posted by Big John on February 22, 2008

Well, that’s a surprise ! … Members of the European Parliament are said to have fiddled over £100 million in expenses in just over a year according to British MEP Chris Davies, who has seen a secret report.

Blimey! No wonder our Tony is so keen to get his ‘snout in the trough’, alongside his old mate Peter Mandelson.

Not content with a £5 million book deal and part time jobs with J.P.Morgan and Zurich Financial Services, which combined with fees for speaking engagements could net him another £10 million per year, this greedy lying hypocrite now fancies trousering El Presidente’s share of those Brussel’s Euros.


Now despite early support from Angela Merkel, it seems that Germany could say “Nein” to ‘Tone’ becoming Europe’s first long term President, with sources close to Frau Merkel saying that Herr Blair  … “made a lot of fine speeches about Europe but, essentially, stood on the sidelines when it came to concrete steps forward” .. and .. “There is unease about a Briton at the top in that job …  (Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein ? …  🙂 ). And then personally with Blair, there’s the Iraq thing”.

Yes, that .. “Iraq thing” .. is in itself enough to make me want to sign this … 

tony blair EU president




One Response to “‘Gravy train’ Tony.”

  1. I don’t think Angela Merkel’s opinions are any more unbiased and selfless than those of any other politician. It may be that our mistake is in expecting those we vote (and those we don’t vote) into high office to behave better, more selflessly and more wisely than the rest of us. It has become all too clear that such hopes, if we entertain them, are foolish to the point of delusion.

    In fact, I think the only thing we have going in our favour is that (so far), our politicians have to submit to frequent re-election. We can, if we so choose, boot out the worst examples.

    To replace them with what? Aye, there’s the rub. Maybe with some unknown whose greedy self-interest has as yet to manifest itself.

    The other side of the coin is not often discussed. If we have nothing but criticism and contempt for politicians, why do we ourselves not seek election in order to show the world how it should be done? It is not enough to say “because politics is a dirty game and I will have none of it” because that is simply to propagate a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    Perhaps more people should reflect on the proposition that if you want a job done properly, then you should do it yourself. Perhaps we should borrow a white jacket from Martin Bell’s wardrobe.

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