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Wanted ! Radical action, not rhetoric.

Posted by Big John on January 19, 2008

Never were truer words spoken than those of Helen Newlove, the widow of the man kicked to death by young thugs, when she said …

“Until this Government puts into place an effective deterrent, the youths of today know all too well they can play the system and get away with it”.

Now I may have missed it, but I can’t find any response to this statement from Jack Straw our Justice Secretary (or whatever he is known as these days) amongst all the waffle in his speech about judges … “desperately difficult decisions” …  “independent judicial decisions” .. and .. “the integrity of the judiciary in a free society.” One thing he got right was when he said … “I appreciate, of course, that none of this will comfort Mr. Newlove’s family.”

Our esteemed leader of the opposition, speaking from planet ‘Dave’, (remember ‘hug a hoodie’) has said that our streets have been “lost” to the yobs and has come up with his usual daft suggestion of …  a voluntary “national citizen service” for over-sixteen year olds. Why is it daft ? … The word ‘voluntary’ gives it away: for does he really believe that the sort of brainless feral youths that think nothing of kicking someone’s head in will rush to volunteer ?  

So, what is an ‘effective deterrent’ ? … Well, Firstly these yobs must know for certain that when they are caught,  they will be punished ! … Not with a fine, an ASBO, a ‘slap on the wrist’ warning, tagging, or community service, but by being really punished ! … Secondly they must be punished in such a way that they will not want to return for a ‘second helping’.

It’s that simple !

I read that young German tearaways are being sent to Siberia (where the temperature drops to minus 55c) to live in a building with no running water, no toilet, no central heating, no TV, no telephone and no internet. This may seem extreme, but I bet none will want to renew this ‘intensive educational experience’ by returning to their old ways.

I’m afraid that our government is even more cowardly than these young thugs, and is unlikely to come up with an effective way of curbing out hooded hooligans, for they still regard today’s disaffected youths with their anti-social behaviour as the real victims whose ‘human rights’ must be protected, and will only continue to dream up half-baked schemes to redeem them … so I’m sorry to say it, …  but …

Don’t hold your breath Mrs. Newlove.


6 Responses to “Wanted ! Radical action, not rhetoric.”

  1. Terri said

    What a horrific story! And I have to agree….perhaps the Germans have it right. Giving these thugs the “countryclub” treatment does nothing to make them realize they must be accountable for their behavior.
    Such a sad story about Newlove.
    And while I certainly believe in “victims” rights….these guys should be stripped of any rights. They’re not the victim in this terrible and senseless murder.

  2. Someone who commits a crime should of course receive appropriate punishment. However, I do not believe that increasing the “tariff” by itself deters crime. This is because those who commit crimes expect not to get caught. If you are never caught, what does it matter what the penalty is?

    I believe that the first thing we need to do to reduce crime is to create the belief that if you commit a crime you are very likely to be caught. Consider the “Canoe couple”: do you think they would have cheated the life insurance company if they had believed they would eventually have been brought to book?

    The other side of it is what is wrong with our society. You will always have people like the Krays or “Mad” Frankie Fraser who are willing to maim and kill people without a second thought. They are beyond hope. Those who are not beyond hope are the millions of young people, Cameron’s “huggable hoodies”, who have become desensitized by an inhumane and selfish culture. I don’t have much hope for the present generation because I think it is too late for most of them but I do hope that we can turn things around for the future and bring about a less materialistic and cynical society, teaching people to be more understanding and caring of one another. If we do not, things will continue to slide and life will become increasingly dangerous and unpleasant.

    Thugs and murderers will not be changed by banging them up. Their fate is to keep on being banged up again and again until they die or become too frail to harm anyone. They are the “lost generation”.

    Our hope is for the future but, as with Global Warming, we have to start working for the future now. If we don’t, people will still be dying stabbed and kicked to death long after we are dead and buried.

    Unfortunately, I have have little hope that this simple message will be heeded or adequate action dedicated to bringing it about.

    What you say about the future and ‘the lost generation’ is very true Tiger, but how do we stop what is happening on our streets TODAY ?

  3. We have just had two people gunned down in the streets of Toronto,
    they were “innocent bystanders” during some sort of wild west shoot out betweens gangs of young thugs. That’s one of the problems when you live next to the largest gun shop in the world
    (the USA) and the border is is a mere formality.

    Then there is the problem with the Juvenile Justice system where the most they can get is about 8 years at Club Fed.


  4. Pimme said

    Caning seems to help stem the crime in Singapore. They ought to do that in other countries.

  5. Red Baron said

    Whilst you deal only with the effect you will only ever be fighting a rearguard action.

    That is not to say that the disenfranchised youth is exonerated from blame, many of us grow up on inner city council estates and for one reason or another do not decide to turn to violent crime, but you will always have a sliding scale in that environment whilst no social cohesion exists. The young have no connection to society so why should they not regard it with contempt? The older generations have no connection to the young so why would they not regard them as violent hooligans so different from how “we all were when we wuz kids”. I do personally think that things have become worse in the actions of the youth over the last 20 years but so has the latent abuse of society and governments.

    The young are a reflection on our nurturing and our education. It reflects poorly precisely because the prospects we instill in the inner city young are bollocks to coin a technical term.

    National service as I have said should be compulsory for both genders, NO exceptions, NO opt-outs. 2 years in the hospitals, the old folks homes, the drop-in centres, the drug rehab clinics, the homeless shelters, the battered wives refuges, the prisons. Get people involved at 16 or 18 give them that anchor and that knowledge and THEN offer them university educations, vocational training, apprenticeships etc. Then we’ll see how many media studies applicants we get.

    WE have to take responsibility for the younger generations if we are to have any hope of expecting them to take responsibility for themselves and their part in society. The current system is self-perpetuating we are getting out precisely what we have invested, namely F*ck all.

    Yes, Baron I agree about the ‘bollocks’ and the ‘F*ck all’ even if my ‘Akismet’ objected, and you know that I am with you on a non-military national service. However I’m not sure about “we all were when we wuz kids” for I recall mates sent to borstal and ‘approved schools’ who grew into splendid Teddy Boys, Mods and Rockers. 😉

  6. Red Baron said

    Indeed so John and of course we have little evidence to determine that the same will not be true of the current yoof.

    Notice I kept my language clean for Akismet purposes this time!!! Forgive my verbosity, ‘you can take the boy out of Landen…!’

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