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Swallow this !

Posted by Big John on January 16, 2008

Earlier this week my wife had an appointment at the hospital to  have an ‘endoscopy’. This is a very unpleasant procedure where a small camera is shoved down your throat into your stomach for a look around inside your digestive system.

The hospital had warned her that the procedure was fairly quick, but that there would be a delay before she could go home as it would take an hour or two for the anaesthetic to wear off and that she would need to be accompanied by a friend or relative as she would  probably feel ‘groggy’ for some time.

When we arrived at the hospital a nurse asked for my mobile phone number in case I had wandered off for a coffee or something when my wife was taken to the recovery room after the procedure had been performed.

As my wife was led away by a friendly nurse, I settled down in the waiting room for a long wait and started reading a new book which my daughter had given to me at Christmas.

I was only half way through chapter two when my wife reappeared and started putting on her coat  …

“What’s up ?” I asked, suspecting some problem.

“Nothing” … she answered … “I’ve been done, we can go home now”.

“What about recovering from the anaesthetic ?” I queried.

“Oh !”… she replied … “I decided not to have it”

Now I don’t often refer to my wife in my posts, and if I do I usually refer to her as ‘she who must be obeyed’ or ‘the old trouble and strife’, while at home I often call her by her pet name of ‘Mein Führer’, but in view of what I can only call her nerves of steel, she will henceforth be know as …


…    ‘Wonder Woman’  !  🙂


5 Responses to “Swallow this !”

  1. arnold said

    Good for her, and very brave too. When I went for mine in Leeds the waiting line for endoscopy went down the corridor and back again some 40 people in all. I can only assume that they bieng in a hurry out-sourced to a drain un-blocking company, as they shoved the pipe down my reluctant gagging throat before any anasthetic could possibly have taken effect, and pulled it out again so quickly the juices from my gut came with it and poured down my chin.I can only hope the guy before me was not getting his ‘grapes of wrath’ checked out.

    Thanks for the comment 🙂 ‘Arnoldthemethodical’ and sorry for the delay, but my ‘Akismet’ took a dislike to you for some reason. I had to shorten your name as it did not fit in my sidebar.

  2. Pretty impressive, I must say. Please pass my humble admiration to your wife.

    For the record, I am very squeamish and very nearly didn’t read this article but now that I have, may I wish your wife a swift diagnosis and cure from whatever ailment is troubling her.

    Hospitals are not my favourite places and I do my best to limit my visits to social ones. After all, once they get you on that table, who knows what they might find? I like most of what I’ve got and have every intention of keeping it 🙂

  3. Terri said

    I’m still laughing about Wonder Woman and her photo!
    BUT on a serious note….I have to agree with you! Whoa! Had an endoscopy with NO anesthesia? I’m an RN and have to say “I” am impressed. I’ve never had one myself, but I just know I’d have to have something to knock me out and at least get rid of my gag reflex.
    She’s certainly to be commended and by the way….she really was much better off to tough it out without that anesthesia, which can cause untold complications.

  4. frisby said

    I took the same no anesthesia option as my “Wonder Mum” (I didn’t have mine done at the same time!) and I’m glad I did, because once you have got past the ‘gag reflex’ part, I found the whole thing quite fascinating!

  5. Ginnie said

    Kudos to the “Wonder Woman”. I had the same test last month and can’t imagine having it done without the anaesthesia. About 5 years ago I had a colonoscopy and an EGD at the same time…my Dr. thought it was hysterically funny to tell me that he used the same tube (ha,ha) but “don’t worry, we did the throat procedure first!” The nurse was quick to tell me that he was kidding.

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