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Anyone seen (Sir) Rudy ?

Posted by Big John on January 5, 2008

I’m afraid that I don’t know too much about American politics, but like many people in this country I always find the run up to the American Presidential elections fascinating, even if I do get confused by the caucuses, perplexed by the primaries and roar with laughter at all that ridiculous ‘razzamatazz’.

Now that Barack Obama is ahead in the race for the Democratic party nomination it looks like America could be almost ready for it’s first black president, although I’m sure that a few ‘good ole’ boys’ down in Alabama are cutting eyeholes in the white sheets and oiling their hunting rifles right now.

Whilst I would like to put my money on Mr. Obama (he has always opposed the invasion of Iraq), I feel that Hillary Clinton (or should I say the Clintons) is going to take some beating, for although the USA has a pretty good democratic system for electing it’s presidents, it always helps to have a bottomless bag of bucks and an army of advisers and ad-men on hand.

Now old bull-nosed Bill used to be Governor of Arkansas as did the leading contender for the Republican Party nomination, Mike Huckerbee, or should I say the Reverend Mike Huckerbee ? For I believe that this Republican is a fundamentalist Christian minister, and unlike here in the UK (as Tony Blair stated recently), being a religious nutter in America, seems to be a positive advantage when it comes to getting votes.

Blimey ! Look at ‘born again’ George, he said that God told him to invade Iraq and … 

…  he still got re-elected.  😦


7 Responses to “Anyone seen (Sir) Rudy ?”

  1. Betty said

    Those good ole boys down in Alabama are Republicans. They’ll be voting for Huckabee, the fools. As a good Democrat, I’ll be voting for whoever the nominee might turn out to be, but it will be harder to do if the nominee is Hillary. If Huckabee becomes our president (which I doubt), we will indeed be getting what we deserve.

  2. It also helps if you can “cook” the results.


  3. Oscarandre said

    There is, I think, John, a deeply religious and conservative heart to the USA which makes it susceptible to some dangerous tripe. And George Bush Jnr., of course, was helped to the presidency by a very great amount of bucks!

  4. I regard all elections as a regrettable necessity, like cleaning out the cess pit or something equally disagreeable. There is no such thing as a good or honest politician. You might as well claim there are square circles. Too obtain power, you have to accumulate a lot of favours and do a lot of disreputable things. I simply do not understand how people can become enthusiastic about a party or a politician. You have to switch off your brain to do this.

    Someone will of course be elected US president and this of course does matter to us all because it is the most powerful political office in the world. To coin a phrase, when the US president sneezes, we all catch cold.

    I don’t care whether the new president is black, white, brown or blue. Much more important is how his period of tenure affects our lives. The best we can hope for is that the new incumbent doesn’t make too much of a hash of things. I wish I could be optimistic but I think optimism would be naive.

    Joseph de Maistre famously remarked that every country has the government it deserves. It is a sobering comment and one worth meditating upon.

  5. Terri said

    This was priceless, John! Well done! AND for somebody that’s not even American, I’d say you hit it right on the mark. Especially about Alabama!

  6. gawilli said

    It’s going to be an interesting year for us. Like Betty, I would have a tough time voting for Hilary. I sure hope she is not the Democratic candidate. I watched the debates in New Hampshire last night and it looked like Obama and Edwards were double-teaming her. Yep. It’s going to be an interesting year.

  7. Ginnie said

    Your last 3 lines say it all, John. It’s a disgrace and we have only ourselves to blame!!
    I’d like to “t’row all the bums, out” and start new….fat chance.

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