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They’re still around !

Posted by Big John on October 26, 2007

So scientists have discovered, from DNA samples, that some Neanderthals had fair skin and ginger hair, and yet they still do not know why they died out around 30,000 years ago.

I’ve got news for them … They didn’t !

You can still spot them any day of the week as they wander around our shopping malls and supermarkets, although they are less hairy now, due to their need to cover themselves in tattoos and body piercings.

A nocturnal sub-species can be found in many city centres at weekends. They can be identified by their mating ritual, which involves females exposing their boobs and males showing their bare arses whenever possible. I understand that vomiting in the gutter is a way of marking out their territory. 

It is also now believed that our once hairy cousins could speak.

They could … and still can … Well at least they sometimes try …  

“Yeah. it’s cool in’it … It’s like stuff ‘n like in’it (sniff) … know wot I mean like … right (grunt) … it’s nuffin man … Umm yeah … wikked bruv (spit) … whatever”  …  (Please insert your own ‘F’ words).

It was once believed that these ‘knuckle draggers’ were killed off by our cave dwelling ancestors, ‘Homo Sapiens’, but although they might have tried they obviously failed. …

…  Pass me my club ! 



2 Responses to “They’re still around !”

  1. Betty said

    You are so right. I found out they still existed when I started dating, again after my divorce. Just before I gave up on men forever.

  2. Maria said

    Our beloved Bill Cosby has taken on the use of trashy language and urban blight language in his latest book. I do not know why speaking correctly can be looked down on by so many people.

    Don’t give up on men completely. There still are some Prince Charmings out there. I know, I found mine six years ago.

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