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It’s not your fault that you’re fat ?

Posted by Big John on October 19, 2007

During the 70’s and 80’s I made a number of trips to the USA and was always amazed by the size of many Americans. I don’t mean tall basketball players or beefy linebackers; I mean the guy at the lunch counter taking up two stools, or the huge woman in the tight pink shorts trying to squeeze her thighs and arse through the subway turnstile

The other thing that I always noticed was the number of fast food outlets standing one beside the other on the approach roads to every town.

Well like many things American the burger bars and pizza parlours soon crossed the Atlantic, springing up all over the place, and people over here soon learned to eat their fried chicken out of a ‘bucket’

Now wherever you go in this country you will see fat people. Not just the ones who are a bit ‘chubby’, or like me, who have to let their belt out a notch or two every so often, but massive mountains of flesh who quiver and wobble with every slow step that they take.

OK, so you might say that these grossly overweight people have no self control when it comes to eating, but no, for according to the latest UK (Foresight) study, they are fat because they are now living in an “obesogenic” environment where it has become normal to eat lots of high-fat food, spend hours watching TV and use the car instead of walking even short distances: so you can’t say today’s generation is greedier than before, or larger than before; it’s just that the environment is conducive to gaining weight.

As usual the government ‘experts’ are spouting all sorts of gobbledegook about solving the problem of obesity, but it seems a funny way to start when you tell people that it’s not their fault that they are fat. I bet that McDonald’s are …  

…  just    …  “lovin’ it“.


3 Responses to “It’s not your fault that you’re fat ?”

  1. Betty said

    Over here, we’re being told that it is just possible that our friends are making us fat. “Go ahead, have another donut.”

  2. Chris said

    Of course it’s not my own fault I’m overweight. I have big bones, that’s all. Runs in the family…

  3. Jackshian said

    Like Chris, I also have big bones – in fact my skeleton must weigh 196 pounds which means that I’ve only got 30 pounds of flesh, so how can I be fat.

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