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Suffering school kids !

Posted by Big John on October 16, 2007

During part of a recent national study (The Primary Review) organised by Cambridge University, primary school children were interviewed and expressed  fears about what plagued their everyday lives outside school … ‘Traffic …  the lack of safe play areas … rubbish … polution …  graffiti …  and gangs of older children’.

These youngsters expressed a sense of “deep pessimism about the future”, with worries about such things as climate change, the gap between rich and poor, and terrorism.

Now I’m sure that there are a few sensitive little mites out there, but from what I’ve  seen of today’s mini-hooligans, with their agressive out of control behaviour, I doubt if many of them fear anything, much less worry about ‘carbon footprints’, the ‘favelas’ of Brazil or ‘Al-Qaeda’.  

Various press reports have quoted today’s ‘little darlings’ as being “depressed” … “showing deep anxiety” .. and .. finding many aspects of modern life both in and out of school as … “stressful” .. and .. “scary”.

‘Stressful !’ .. ‘Scary !’ .. Try sleeping in an air-raid shelter … and …

…     being bombed every night ! 


4 Responses to “Suffering school kids !”

  1. Kids really are depressed lately. We live in dark times.

    Our only hope is that the Bush Administration saves the world. Yes. Then we’ll be fine.

  2. Big John said

    Thanks for the comment ‘Super Spy’. “Dark times” indeed, but not as dark as it was in that ‘air-raid shelter’ back in the 1940’s, 🙂 and if Bush keeps on about WW3 I’ll need to build another one.

  3. Maria said

    Children live with anxiety, but it often is over the brand of tennis shoe or sneaker that there parents buy for them. I did have some students who were truly interested in our changing world and believe me, I treasured those kids greatly. However, I also had many who had no interest past their own noses.

    Bush and his “no child left behind” is bankrupting our public schools not to mention the veto of a health bill for children.

    WWIII? Pretty scary idea. You may just have to post the plans for building that air-raid shelter so that we all can get busy building ours, both here and in England.

  4. Jackshian said

    I think we may have to dig pretty deep to build an air raid shelter that would protect us if WWIII were to happen.

    Kids? – terrible invention.

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