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OK! So I’ll tag along just this once.

Posted by Big John on July 28, 2007

My friend … ‘The Red Baron’ … has ‘tagged’ me. Fancy doing that to a ‘comrade’ ! … Anyway, as I’m a bit stuck at the moment for blog ideas, and out of respect for a man who scored so impressively on the … ‘are you an anarchist ? test’ … I have managed to come up with eight facts about myself, and apologise if I have bored the pants off you with them before…

  1. I am a retired old git fast approaching my ‘three score years and ten’, living in ‘bungalowland’ with all the other miserable old farts. 
  2. I am not a gregarious person and as an only child I am happy with my own company. Clubs, societies and any form of organised activity are most definitley ‘not my scene’.
  3. I will eat almost anything except Indian food. I have tried it a few times in the distant past, but afterwards I found it very difficult to sleep whilst spending the night sitting on the toilet.
  4. I enjoy a drink or three. My favourite tipple being a gin and tonic. I prefer ‘pure’ foreign beers to so called ‘real ale’, and regularly stock up with wine (mostly plonk) on my trips to France; which incidently is my favourite country, despite it being full of bloody foreigners.
  5. I reluctantly served in the RAF as a national service conscript during the late 1950’s and never saw an aircraft during my two years service. However I did once go to sea in a Royal Air Force boat. 
  6. I am an atheist who believes that everyone has a right to follow any religion they like as long as they do no harm to others and don’t come knocking on my door trying to ‘save’ me. 
  7. Sports do not interest me, although I have been known to ruin a nice walk in the country by taking a little white ball and a bag of ‘sticks’ with me.
  8. I am a republican and, ‘come the revolution’, I will turn out, for the first time in my life, to wave to the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha clan as they sail off into the sunset: and if I had been around in France in 1793 I expect that I would have been a big fan of  Monsieur Sanson.

OK, so those are my eight facts, and now, according to the rules, I am supposed to tag eight people, which means listing their names and then going to their blogs to tell them that they’ve been tagged, then going back and commenting on their list of eight facts.

Now I know that many of you hate this sort of thing (I’m not too keen on it myself) so I am not following ‘the rules’ by ‘tagging’ you, but instead would ask anyone who feels inclined to divulge eight interesting or amusing facts to consider themselves ‘tagged’, and let me know via a comment. …

This is now a ‘You’re tagged’ meme free Zone ! 


6 Responses to “OK! So I’ll tag along just this once.”

  1. Frisby said

    Ok, as I don’t have a blog any more, I’ll help the “Old Git” out by doing my 8 on here…
    The glamorous, intelligent, modest daughter of Big John..AKA “Frisby”
    1) My dad is a self-confessed miserable old fart.
    2) 27 years after tossing a coin after leaving school to decide whether to join the police or become a graphic designer I have now joined the Metropolitan Police as a Community Support Officer (or “Plastic Copper” as my dad has occasionally referred to them in the past!) after spending the last 20 years as a graphic designer.
    3) I was one of the first skateboarders in the country until a fall left me with an extra bendy bit in my arm which kinda put me off it.
    4) I was one of the early bloggers but after getting my dad into it decided he did it much better than me so gave that up too!
    5) I can bend my thumbs backwards (nothing to do with the earlier skateboard incident)
    6) I love computer games and wonder if I am the oldest woman on “XBox Live”
    7) I once did a “100 Facts about me” thing and am now struggling to come up with 8….must be a sign of age.
    8) I have the greatest parents in the World!

  2. Frisby said

    um…for some reason the above comment has decided to turn my number 8 into a smiley…so the line at the bottom is actually number 8!

  3. Red Baron said

    Hurrah, I managed to persuade you! I am indeed honoured that you chose to participate, and yes I feel after my Bakhunin-esque score on the Anarchy test some respect and deference is entirely appropriate!

    If the revolution comes I have a feeling the Parasitic Blue-Blooded Bastards Saxe-Coburg-Gothas will not be sailing off into the sunset but will be adorning the Traitors Gate, or maybe that’s just a dream I had.

    And I wouldn’t have picked Frisby for a decker!

  4. A. B. Rutterford said

    Fancy some facts from a part time Open University, Granny and Geek.
    Well you’re getting them anyway!
    1. I work with two to three year olds, that’s why I’m only slightly sane. If you can’t deal with poo or snot, then you should get an office job and talk to ‘grown ups’, but it’s not as much fun.
    2. I’m terrified of flying, which is rather a disadvantage, as my husband flies light aircraft for a hobby and none of his friends can understand why I wouldn’t love to fly through the clouds in a ‘tin can’.
    3. My favourite books are
    Pepys Diary. It’s all you need for the every day story of city folk from 1659-1667
    The Discworld books of Terry Prachett. He’s doing his best to fill up all my bookshelves.
    4. I lied about the last bit because I collect encyclopedias. Yep, I have fourteen sets and would have more, if I hadn’t shed a set of Encyclopedia Brittanicas to the charity shop. If you need to know how to make fireworks or build a glider from scratch, you know were to come.
    5. My alterego on Guildwars is a rather foxy Elementalist monk, with a figure to die for [which I do quite often]
    6. I’m a real ale fan. To me ‘Old Peculier’ is not the guy next to me, but a Theaston brew and in my local inn ‘Incubus’ by Hopdaemon is my prefered pint.
    7.I enjoy knitting. I have amongst other projects, knitted cacti and baked bean cans. Well its good to have a hobby.
    8. Since getting the digital camera there’s been no stopping me, with the happy snapping. I entered a competition recently and a bit graffiti, taken in a moment, got more votes than my carefully choosen, chocolate box , village by a lake in the evening photo!

  5. Maria said

    I am so glad you did the eight. I am not going to add mine at this time, but I sure enjoyed reading yours and your daughters.

  6. Terri said

    Ahhh….a true Brit…..gin and tonic. (love those!)
    And a man after my own heart: Favorite country: France.

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