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Thetan Tom’s Taboo.

Posted by Big John on June 28, 2007

As an atheist I have often stated that I believe in the right of other people to believe whatever they like when it comes to religion, so long as they do no harm to others and don’t come knocking on my door trying to convert me to their beliefs.

Now I know that sometimes people’s beliefs seem a little strange to most of us if not completely weird, but is it any more bonkers to believe that we are descended from aliens than that we are descended from Adam and Eve, or have been reincarnated after being a worm in a past life? … I don’t think so.

So why is the German military picking on poor little Tom Cruise ? Are they really that concerned about Tom being a member of a loony cult or are they more concerned about a film that not only shows the heroism of Count von Staufenberg, but may also show the popular support, at that time, for Hitler and the Nazis ? I don’t seem to recall the anti-Semitic ‘Passion of the Christ’ being banned in Germany, and that was made by that even bigger religious nutcase, Mel Gibson !

Tom Cruise and all the other Hollywood weirdos have the right to believe what they like, even if the German military does not want an Operating Thetan on level 7 of Scientology’s ‘Bridge of Total Freedom’ to work in their country.

What next, Madonna, Britney Spears and the rest of the wacky Kabbalah ‘celebs’ banned for wearing a red string bracelet ? …

…   Makes you wonder !


7 Responses to “Thetan Tom’s Taboo.”

  1. ferouzeh said

    Tom Cruise and all the other Hollywood weirdos have the right to believe what they like, even if the German military does not want an Operating Thetan on level 7 of Scientology’s ‘Bridge of Total Freedom’ to work in their country.

    Quite: TC can believe what he wants – But the Germans don’t want to stop him from believing what he wants – they just don’t want him there maybe for the reasons you say (I suspected as much myself) – Don’t you think they (the Germans) have the right to do what they want in their own country?
    Tell me where I go wrong (as my boss used to say) -:)

    Hope I have put tag as I should

  2. Big John said

    ‘Don’t you think they (the Germans) have the right to do what they want in their own country?’

    You have a point Ferouzeh, but discriminating against someone on the grounds of their religion is reminisant of the bad old days in Germany. After all it’s not as if Tom Cruise poses a threat to their national security.

  3. Terri said

    I agree with you on all counts, John. I am not involved in any sort of organized religion. Gave that up years ago. But I also have no problem with other’s indulging in their beliefs, as long as they don’t inflict them on me. Any form of religious discrimination is a slippery slope.

  4. Ginnie said

    Hi John: Have you ever heard the comment about the atheist who has died and his tombstone read “All dressed up and nowhere to go” ??
    It has always made me furious because those who repeat it do so in a superior and condescending way…as if they KNOW that we will all become “believers” with our dying breath. My husband was an athesist and when he died he left his entire body to the University of North Carolina Medical school. He was a very spiritual and moral human being and lived and died as an atheist. I am sick to death of people (including us over in Iraq) trying to change others to their beliefs.
    Wow…I guess you pushed a button with me with this post. Thanks.

  5. Ginnie said

    oops…my line should have read, “trying to change others to OUR beliefs”………sorry.

  6. Big John said

    ‘Jackshian’ left a comment which got ‘spamed’ by ‘Akismet’. Sorry Jack. Please try again.

  7. Jackshian said

    My comment was that the son of Count von Staufenberg was probably complaining because he wanted a good actor to play his father in the film.

    Bloody Akismet!

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