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‘Gravy train’ government.

Posted by Big John on May 29, 2007

It has always amused me when in the House of Commons the members address each other as ‘Honourable’, as in … “the Honourable Member for Much Fiddling in the Marsh” … for a less honourable bunch it would be hard to find.

This fact was best illustrated recently with the ‘honourable members’ fighting to exclude themselves from the ‘Freedom of Information Act’ so that they can hide from us just how little time they spend at Westminster and how many thousands they claim in expenses, plus, how much they cost the taxpayer in ‘perks’ and ‘jollies’, such as our Deputy ‘Pie’ Minister’s farewell jaunt to the Carribean and the USA (I wonder how many Americans have ever heard of him?).

Our government ministers and members of parliment have never shown much shame when caught with their ‘snouts in the trough’ or their ‘hands in the till’, and these days a resignation over any sort of scandal or incompetence is almost unheard of: so it came as quite a shock when I picked up my newspaper today and read …

…  ‘Minister ‘on the take’ kills himself’ ! …

…  I could hardly believe my eyes … until I read a little further and discovered  …

…  that the poor bugger was Japanese.


5 Responses to “‘Gravy train’ government.”

  1. Red Baron said

    Where of course honour is a great deal more important than here. To be caught doing anything dishonourable is still shaming enough for one evidently to consider that the only honourable route left is death.

    BTW when I try to click to comment it still tries to take me to your RSS validator, looks like there’s a bracket missing in your html afella.

  2. Terri said

    Guess those jollies and perks are a universal thing. Ah yes….government.

  3. gawilli said

    Well that’s another thing that is universal I guess.

  4. Jackshian said

    There’s not enough rope for our lot.

  5. Ginnie said

    I wonder how we could instill that type of Japanese honor-code in our politicians. There’s a whole bunch of them that need to commit the “final act”, as fas as I’m concerned…starting at the top.

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