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Ban these barmy bans.

Posted by Big John on April 12, 2007

Who are all these people who keep telling us that ethnic minorities or non Christians will be offended by certain aspects of life in this country ?

Where the bloody hell do they come from? …  and did they ever consult with any person from an ethnic minority or someone from another religion ?  … I very much doubt it ! 

Last weekend we had the ridiculous story where traditional Easter hot cross buns were banned  in case they offended ethnic minorities.

Someone had better warn Sainsbury’s that they are in danger of offending thousands of their customers as they have them on display all year round in their bakery department, alongside bagels, nan, blini and other items favoured by ethnic minorities.  

I would like to see a list drawn up by the responsible leaders of all the ethnic minorities and religious groups in this country stating what exactly their members find offensive when they come across some traditional aspects of British life, it’s customs and religion.

My guess is that it would be a very short list indeed, for I cannot believe that anyone is offended by such things as a cross on a currant bun, the Union Flag flying over a town hall or the Virgin Mary appearing on Christmas postage stamps.

If I were a Muslim, a Jew, a Hindu or member of any other religion or race I would find it insulting to have some jumped-up official tell me what will offend me, when my own reaction might well be, to use the vernacular of the day, and in the words of our Prime Minister  …

…     “Am I bovvered ?”


5 Responses to “Ban these barmy bans.”

  1. Maria said

    You make wonderful sense. Quite frankly, I would love to see a list of what is offensive and what is not for all groups. I agree with you that it would not be that long. Usually here in the States, it is one or two individuals who feel a need to be offended and not the majority.

  2. gawilli said

    That’s just plain silly. We have the same thing here though, and there is always someone ready to be offended. The Campaign Against Political Correctness link off of the article was very interesting. I’m going to see if we have something like that in the States.

  3. Betty said

    I think we carry political correctness way too far.

  4. Jackshian said

    Its always comforting to know that the government is concentrating on the important issues and not wasting their time on trivial stuff like Iraq, mass immigration, break down in law and order etc. etc. (where shall I stop?) .. I’m offended by all the bills I get to pay for this bollocks up.

  5. Pamela said

    Yes, these things are totally crazy. I have a friend who used to do a cabaret turn here in Tenerife and she would make the occassional non politically correct joke about coming here to imporve her tan so she could fit in better in her native Birmingham. One night, one of the “offended on behalf of who knows whom”, decided to tell her this was not on. The funny part is that my friend has part Pakistani ancestry, so if anyone was going to be upset by the remark …

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