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“Fries or a fat lip?”

Posted by Big John on March 21, 2007

On the same day that I read that Britain is the ‘junk food capital of Europe’ I also read that McDonald’s has decided not to sue the Oxford English Dictionary over the definition of … ‘McJob’ … as … ‘an unstimulating, low paid job with few prospects’.

It’s been many years since anyone asked me … “D’you want fries with that?” and I must admit that I have never given much thought to what it must be like to face the ‘great unwashed’ British public from behind a counter whilst wearing a ‘comic’ uniform and name tag that tells everyone who your mum’s favourite pop star was back in the 1980s.

Apparently McDonald’s have some bloke called a ‘chief people officer’ who says the word ‘McJob’  …  “is out of date, out of touch with reality and, most importantly, it is insulting to those talented, committed, hard-working people who serve the public every day”.

Well I think that ‘talented’ is stretching it a bit, and I’m not too sure about the ‘committed’, but when it comes to ‘hard-working’ I’m prepared to give the boys and girls behind the counter the benefit of the doubt on the word ‘hard’, and say that they do deserve much praise for making the effort to find a job at a time when it is all too easy not to ‘work’ and instead, to do bugger all and rely on ‘state handouts’.

I don’t think that I would last too long dishing out the shakes and ‘Big Macs’ to impatient, ignorant ingrates and assorted arrogant arseholes, before I would be dishing out something else, which doubtless would soon result in me being kicked out to wander the ‘junk food capital of Europe’..

…     ‘McJobless’ !


9 Responses to ““Fries or a fat lip?””

  1. Jackshian said

    Strange how good a ‘Big Mac’ can taste when I’m very hungry and there’s no where else to eat .. its only when I’ve finished it and not hungry anymore that I realise it was total crap .. strange that.

    “impatient, ignorant ingrates and assorted arrogant arseholes” must go straight from McDonalds to Sainsburys across the road.

  2. Pimme said

    I only go to McDonalds when I am on a trip, and there is nothing else in the vicinity of where I am (or unless that’s where the bus stops). ;^)

  3. jayward said

    I’m glad you have respect for your body and do not insult it with what passes for “food” at a McDonalds.
    Frankly I can think of no more demeaning job than working at McDonalds smiling and serving the 85s who frequent the place.

    p.s. An 85 is four points from being a moron.

  4. Hi. Apologies for clogging up comments but I can’t find your email and I wanted to get in touch. A few years ago, you were kind enough to do an interview for a piece I wrote for The Guardian – I now teach online journalism and one of the exercises I get the students to do revolves around learning to use the net to research and then report a piece (e.g interview people).

    I give the students the brief I got for the The Guardian piece you were part of – to find out more about changes in the way older people use the net. So I tell them to look around online, find useful info/stats and people they could interview and then we compare what they find with what I found a few years ago and then used in the piece. This time round, a few of them found you and linked to your blog. I just wanted to say thanks for the kind/understanding comments you left on their blogs in response… If you have time, it would be great to talk about it a bit more. Use the email address I’ve left on this comment if you want to get in touch.

    Thanks again

  5. Dave Whitaker said


    I am the student whose blog you posted on, and when I noticed your comment I came back to your site to thank you. Unfortunately, I find that my tutor has already done so!

    Regardless, I have not been blogging long and just wanted to say thank you for your kind comment. In truth, our class blogs are mostly used for tackling topics set to us by our tutor and as such don’t really have a set theme. I honestly didn’t expect anyone to read it, so it is a bit rough around the edges!

    Thank you, and sorry for clogging your comments.

  6. Libertine said

    I think the word McJob perfectly sums up what a crappy job is.

  7. Maria said

    Do you have McRibs in England? I seldom enter a MickeyD except for coffee. I however, cannot resist the McRib sandwich which is seasonal and only in California’s shops about six weeks around the winter holidays.

  8. Big John said

    I don’t think that McRibs are sold in the UK, but then I’m not a customer of McDonald’s Maria. It’s all grease with lumps in to me. 🙂

  9. Terri said

    You mean to say that Britain has beat out the States in being the junk food capital of the world?
    I’m quite surprised by this! Especially after doing Paris with a 13 year old and I was mortified that we had to actually track down a McDonalds for her! In all my years of going there…I never went within a mile of McDonalds and am sad they’re even IN Paris.

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