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Blame it all on Edison.

Posted by Big John on March 13, 2007

Global warming ! … CO2 emissions ! … Carbon footprints ! (whatever they are ?) … Melting icecaps ! … Deforestation ! … Climate change ! … and cow’s farts destroying the ozone layer !

So how can we help stop the world coming to a sweaty, smelly and suntanned end ? 

  • Should we listen to Gordon Brown or David Cameron as each tries to claim to be greener than the other ? As experts in the field of  ‘hot air’, they should know.  
  • Maybe Al Gore knows the answer now that he has explained to George Bush that ‘Kyoto’ isn’t a new sushi bar ?   
  • Poor old Carl Wunsch doesn’t know whether he is coming or going after his “Swindle” film, so I don’t think that he will be of much use. ? 
  • How about that good old American religious nutter, Jerry Falwell, who says global warming is  down to Satan and that the bible tells us that God will maintain the earth until Jesus returns. So that’s good news then, for after what happened to him the last time, I don’t think that he will be too keen on another visit.  

Well, you can forget about all the so called experts and ‘The Almighty’, for I know who has the answer to the impending environmental disaster … It’s that gang of unwanted law makers at the EU ! … and their answer is, if you want to save the world, you must change your bloody light bulbs  !

Hang on a minute ! … For unlike the brains in Brussels, I foresee a problem, as in my home I have about thirty light fixtures and lamps of various designs. I have ones with screw fittings and ones of the ‘bayonet’ type. I have spotlights, wall lights and concealed striplights. Not to mention lights in the cooker, fridge, microwave etc. Some are British made and others are manufactured to American and different European standards.  … and guess what ?  …  The new expensive energy efficient bulbs only fit into three of these, and they are bleedin’ useless, taking ages to ‘warm up’ and then giving out a ‘miserable’ glow !  …

I’m confused ! … If I must buy all new light fittings, can I pay for them with a ‘carbon credit’ card ?

Amongst all the conflicting statistics being thrown around at the moment one caught my attention, for it seems that within the next year or two China will be the world’s leading producer of  ‘greenhouse gases’, as it uses 30% of the world’s coal and opens five coal fired power stations every week to serve it’s astronomical industrial growth…

…  and where are 90% of these new light bulbs being manufactured ? … Yes ! you guessed it !  …

…          Bloody CHINA ! 


5 Responses to “Blame it all on Edison.”

  1. jayward said

    Yo John,
    Back in contact again, I’ve just left blog-city for a blog at the Toad. Just had a good read of all the blogs from you that I had missed especially enjoyed the family history ones.
    Caio, JWL
    oh, and I just about forgot.

  2. Jackshian said

    There has to be a department for ‘Most Stupid F**king Ideas’ somewhere in Brussels (probably one in Westminster as well) .. the output from these unelected morons is unbelievable.

    While reading the newspapers I find my will to live evaporates quite quickly ..

  3. Big John said

    Nice to hear from you again John-Ward. I think that ‘blog-city’ are losing a lot of bloggers at the moment. I’ve already caught up with you at ‘toadfire’ mate.

    Stop reading the papers Jack. I would hate to lose you. 🙂

  4. Ginnie said

    Just got back from visiting my sister & hubby in Florida. They have replaced all their bulbs with the new ones and were feeling very virtuous about it…only problem was that you could hardly read by them!
    PS: I had a feeling it was the darn cow’s farts that were to blame for destroying the ozone layer. Thanks for clarifying that.

  5. What about the bloke who discovered electricity? Watt? Volt? or Ohm, perhaps? That’s where it all started!

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