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Time to ‘beat retreat’ ?

Posted by Big John on March 2, 2007

I see that Charlie raided the ‘dressing up’ box again this week when he visited the Welsh Guards in Banja Luka and had the bloody nerve to wear an army ‘combat’ uniform and to carry a field officer’s cane.  

Still at least his visit coincided with the good news that the remaining 600 British troops in Bosnia will soon be on their way home from this almost forgotten trouble spot. Which made me wonder how many more troops Britain has scattered about the world and why. Not to mention how much it must be costing the tax payer ?

OK, so we all know that we have thousands of soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, even if we are not too clear about why they are having their lives put at risk in these hell holes: but what about …

  • Northern Ireland … 8,000 … I thought Tony surrendered to the IRA years ago.
  • Germany … 22,000 … I thought that the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, and somehow I can’t see old Adolf being resurrected.
  • The South Atlantic Islands … 1,200 … It’s twentyfive years since the Falklands War and if Argentina wanted to take the islands again, and God knows why they would, I suspect that they would have done so by now.
  • Cyprus … 3,000 … Britain’s involvement in the ‘EOKA’ conflict ended in 1959 when one of the worst ‘postings’ (I was lucky not to be sent there) must have become one of the best. Now it must be like a squaddie’s holiday paradise .
  •  Gibralter … 600 … Come on ! The days of Britain ‘ruling the waves’ are long gone, and the only time we are likely to fight the Spanish is during a European Cup match or in a Benidorm bar.

Has anyone ever heard of Diego Garcia ?

Well it’s an Island in the Indian Ocean where we kicked out the poor bloody islanders during the mid-1960s so that our US military masters allies could build a huge base there, and it seems that today we still have around fifty of our servicemen hiding among the three thousand Americans on the Island. Can someone …

…     please tell me why ?


3 Responses to “Time to ‘beat retreat’ ?”

  1. Betty said

    I’m as much in the dark as you are. We have so many troops in so many places, one wonders how we manage to have any left here at home? When will we learn that we can’t be the world’s watchdog, or nanny, depending on how you look at it?

  2. Jackshian said

    No doubt this information will be covered by the ‘Official Secrets Act’ which as we all know was designed to hide the chaos and bollocks up that the Government creates so often.

    I bet the Welsh Guards wish they were going to Diego Garcia instead of Afghanistan .. what a bloody mess.

  3. Big John said

    Jack – I had to sign the ‘Official Secrets Act’ in 1958 when I was in the RAF and working at a ‘secret’ radar station. I wonder if they will come and get me one day ? 🙂

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