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‘Chelsea Tractor’ Terror !

Posted by Big John on February 28, 2007

Did the driver of this cement truck pick the wrong time of day to deliver his load of concrete ? …


(click on image for a better view)

… Well perhaps he did, but he sure made my day by scaring the shit out of the ‘school run’ mothers who, every day, tear up the grass, damage the pavement (sidewalk) , block driveways and cause chaos on the narrow street where I live.

 Hehe ! …   I wonder … 

…  how many wing mirrors I’ll find in the gutter ?    :evil:

4 Responses to “‘Chelsea Tractor’ Terror !”

  1. Terri said

    This is great! Pay back is sweet, isn’t it? LOL

  2. gawilli said

    We call them “copter moms” because they hover about.

  3. Ginnie said

    Hi John: I’m viewing this in Gainesville, Florida with my sister Peg. Terri and I will be sure to comment on your blogs when we get together tomorrow. All the best. Ginnie

  4. Libertine said

    Streets are terribly narrow in England, if this picture is any indication.

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