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Terminal embarrassment.

Posted by Big John on February 23, 2007

On Wednesday I spent the day shopping in France and came back with the usual overloaded car full of ‘goodies’.

For once there was a visible security presence this side of the Channel and my car was thoroughly searched on the way out. I’m bloody glad that they did not want to search it on the way back as I would not have been too happy unloading all that food and wine.

I’m always so ‘proud’ of being British when I come across some of my fellow countrymen and women in another part of Europe. Like the couple in the hypermarket who were annoyed that the checkout girl’s command of English was limited, but totally ignored the fact that they did not speak a word of French ! 

The bunch of drunken ‘skinhead’ yobs milling about at the French Eurotunnel terminal on their way back from the ‘riot’ the night before in Lens, really made my day. Not to mention the scruffy assortment of  ‘discerning diners’ and their noisey offspring sitting at the debris littered tables in the McDonalds, who obviously much preferred the ambience to that of the little bistro and bar which it euro-t-002.jpghas replaced.

For some unknown reason on the return journey, my car and a number of others were loaded onto the part of the shuttle normally reserved for high vehicles, which gave me the opportunity to observe another group of delightful young ‘Brits abroad’ as a coach (bus) disgorged it’s load of foulmouthed schoolgirl hookers, or that’s what they appeared to be, judging by the way they were dressed. If they did learn French at school the word ‘chic’ was definitely not in their vocabulary.

Everytime I return from France with it’s ‘high quality of life’, I can’t help but wonder if it would not have been far better for all us ‘rosbifs’ …

…  if Napoleon had won the Battle of Waterloo ?


8 Responses to “Terminal embarrassment.”

  1. Chris said

    So, you’ve been on ‘le booze cruise’ have you? As for those foulmouthed kids, I think the word you’re looking for may be ‘chavs’ – sounds vaguely French itself, methinks.

  2. Betty said

    Some days it’s just upsetting to get out in public, isn’t it?

  3. Oscarandre said

    And you should see some young Australians in Asia, BJ…I still cringe when I remember the drunken young man rationalising his exploitation of young Thai women as “helping them.”

  4. Ginnie said

    I remember being so mortified with the actions of some of the Americans that I saw overseas. “The world owes me a living” seems to be the theme for the modern generation. (I almost want to live to be 110 to see how they are in old age!)

  5. gawilli said

    Looks like some things are the same wherever you go. But really, why would I expect that the rude or abnoxious behavior would be any different abroad than it is right here at home.

    Not to change the subject, but that was an interesting little article about “the high quality of life” list. It said that the US, after falling from a 21 year run at the top of the list, has moved back into the number 5 position. They attribute the loss in rank to a drop in the “Freedom” score, and the recent increase to an improved “Cost of Living” score. I think we would attest to the decrease in freedom, but an improved cost of living is going a stretch.

  6. Longrider said

    I am frequently ashamed of my nationality when abroad. I avoid my fellow Brits and cringe when I head a loud-mouthed Brit demanding service loudly in English to Johnny Foreigner.

  7. Jackshian said

    My Dad always said ” the trouble with youth today is they have no discipline” .. he died 33 years ago so nothings changed much.

    Reading your post about visiting our allies across the channel reminded me of a quote I read on another blog …

    ‘I hate all forms of racism almost as much as I hate the French’

  8. Terri said

    First off…I’m so envious of you to be able to hop across the Channel as you do for a jaunt into France.
    And secondly….I’m ALWAYS embarrassed by American’s in France. The epitome of “uncouth” in my opinion. And SO true about them not speaking one word of French…yet, they’re in FRANCE and ask if the French speak English. Go figure!

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