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Who needs a TV tantrum ?

Posted by Big John on February 20, 2007

Here we go again ! … It’s scare of the week time !

A report, published in the science journal ‘Biologist’ has identified 15 negative effects that television can have on children, ranging from short-sightedness and obesity to premature puberty and autism, and concludes that cutting children’s viewing time must become a health priority.

The author of the report, Dr Aric Sigman, a psychologist, proposes banning the youngest children from watching television and only introducing it “judiciously” after that.

The report also states that over half of three-year-olds in this country have a TV in their bedroom: so I have to say that I think the good doctor is kidding himself if he thinks that his report is going to change anything; for kids are addicted to television in the same way that they are addicted to junk food, and as with the ‘healthy eating’ campaigns by the likes of Jamie Oliver, who’s profile is a little bit higher than that of the doctor, most parents will ignore his warnings and opt for the easy life as usual, by popping down to ‘McDonalds’ for a ‘Happy Meal’  in the hope that a fistful of  ‘McNuggets’ and a ‘Mix ‘n’ Muddle’ will make their little darling …

…    surrender the ‘remote’ for a few minutes.

4 Responses to “Who needs a TV tantrum ?”

  1. Ginnie said

    Now John, don’t you feel a lot safer with all these “experts” out there telling us how to raise our kids?? I can’t imagine how we got along before they told us !

  2. Terri said

    I do have to agree that kids today have way too much tv viewing. I think parents use it as a babysitter. Instead of spending quality time with their children, I guess it’s just easier to toss them that remote.
    And they wonder why families are falling apart? Gee….could be because they barely eat together, never mind spend that important one on one time together.

  3. gawilli said

    Television, and video games, and computers, and iPods, and cell phones….it just goes on and on, and none of them are conducive to face to face communication. It’s very sad.

  4. moog said

    what the hell??
    How dare that quack remark that telly can cause autism!!?!?!?
    you cant catch it!!!
    and I also take issue with the idea that autism is a negative thing… although I know that there is much discussion in this, but there are some who would argue that having autism is not a negative thing at all, and that it is very shortshighted of that quack to put autism in the bracket of a negative thing.
    and another thing… there are some studies that have proved that some TV has had a positive effect on individuals who have autism… so there, silly doctor!!! :)
    im of to watch Ireland beat England!!!

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