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The tape that ‘did not exist’.

Posted by Big John on February 7, 2007

During World War II a humourous, if unkind saying went something along these lines …

“When the British opened fire the Germans ran for cover.

 When the Germans opened fire the British ran for cover.

 When the Americans opened fire everyone ran for cover.”

A little cruel? Yes, certainly, but it does seem that when some of our American cousins go to war, their … ‘Gung Ho!’ … ‘Kick Arse’ … ‘Trigger Happy’ …  actions sometimes lead to the deaths of many of their own men as well as those of their allies. (Not to mention TV reporters). This was certainly true in Vietnam, the first Gulf War (when eight American and nine British soldiers were killed by fire from a US – A10 aircraft)  and is just as true today in Iraq.

In the case of the two ‘tank buster’ pilots who are the subject of  the video released by the ‘Sun’ newspaper, it would seem to me that sloppy communications and poor training were more to blame, rather than ‘macho’ behaviour, although the men did seem a bit eager to ‘have a go’ at the ‘enemy’ before returning to base. It seems hard to believe, but it’s been alleged that the pilots were inexperienced part-time National Guard officers who had never been in combat before, and had not been fully trained for this type of action. If this is true, who can say what was going on in their minds when flying over hostile territory for the first time ?

I have been reading the American reaction to this incident on a number of US websites and I can understand why many people feel  sorry for the pilots as well as for their victims, although I’m not sure that I go along with … “GOD BLESS THOSE TWO WARTHOG PILOTS!”

As long as Presidents and Prime Ministers send men to their deaths, some are going to die as a result of so called ‘friendly fire’, and we British should not feel complacent when we see the Pentagon hiding the facts from the public; for our government does the same thing by witholding from their families details of the exact circumstances surrounding the deaths of soldiers killed in action. (Remember the case of Sgt. Roberts.)

The conduct of the American and British governments in this sorry affair has been a disgrace, and today ‘Yo!’ Blair has had the nerve to stand up in the House of Commons and say …

We deeply regret the distress caused to Lance Corporal Matty Hull’s family by the delay in concluding the inquest into how he died  …  I can assure you that we will do everything we can to co-operate with the coroner and also make sure the additional distress, that’s now been caused to the family, is minimised.”

…     It’s only taken him four bloody years !


6 Responses to “The tape that ‘did not exist’.”

  1. Ginnie said

    This is just one of many disgraceful happenings in a war that should never have been started, if you ask me. I am ashamed of our government and the people who elected Bush and then re-elected him!!! It would seem that ‘Yo!’ Blair is no better. They make quite a team. I don’t think that Bush cares one bit about the men he sends to their death…he just want to continue this debacle until the next administration has to deal with it.

  2. Betty said

    Apparently, you can fool all of the people all of the time. The American people were certainly taken in by this administration. Hopefully, this stupid war has put some sense into them.

  3. Jackshian said

    Human error I guess, which during a war normally means someone gets killed.

    I find most things about the Iraq war unbelievable, especially the fact that we’re even involved (the US as well for that matter) but someone somewhere will be making a lot of money from it .. everyone else loses.

    I find everything about Blair unbelievable, especially what he says and does (or doesn’t).

    (Off subject .. Trolley Trances)

    Maybe good news John? .. No doubt you’ve received the letter from Sainsburys explaining that our local store is being closed for a week for ‘improvements’ .. seems we will have lots of new departments so lets hope there will be a special ‘zombie department’ so they can keep them the hell away from us when we’re shopping there.

  4. What a difference a day makes – Retroactive Bullshit

    So, after the Matty Hull video leak was lead by the BBC, Associated Press picked up on it, and at last the US media has woken up to it – Jesus, no longer they are so pathologically under-informed that they voted for Bush. Just think where his approval …

  5. Oscarandre said

    Well, in the interests of Commonwealth solidarity, I think there is a deepening sense of shame about our (Australian) involvement too. A sycophantic prime minister, I’m afraid.

  6. Terri said

    I couldn’t have put any of this better than you did, John. Well done.
    Yeah, I always cringed when I heard such appalling things called “friendly fire.” I’m sure the victims and families saw nothing “friendly” about it in the least.

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