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Whatever happened to ‘common sense’ ?

Posted by Big John on January 25, 2007

I get the impression these days that when people are trained to do certain jobs, much time is spent on teaching them about such things as … ‘diversity’ … ‘health and safety’ … ‘human rights’ … ‘political correctness’ … and, it would seem, how to behave like complete prats when dealing with the general public.

It is well known that some ‘jobsworths’ such as traffic wardens have to undergo some sort of ‘lobotomy’ before they are issued with their uniforms and let loose on our streets, and that many staff in town halls across the country are sent on special ‘how to be an officious arsehole’ courses.

This week I have read three news stories which lead me to believe that there is now a new breed of ‘little Hitler’ abroad …

Man of 64 arrested after diving into swimming pool.

Two year old ‘hoodie’ banned from store. 

Pensioner 87 asked for proof that he was over twentyone. 

I know that these stories are hard to believe, and perhaps I am over exaggerating when I use the name ‘Hitler’, but wasn’t it his followers who always claimed that they …

…  “were only obeying orders”.


6 Responses to “Whatever happened to ‘common sense’ ?”

  1. frisby said

    I notice the swimming pool one took place at Erith Sports Centre…they actually had a competition to name that a few years ago!

  2. Jackshian said

    Also noticed the story of the woman who’s car was hit by a falling tree (during the recent storms) and collected a parking ticket within minutes although the police had told her to leave the car where it was (windscreen and bonnet smashed).. she also had the radio stolen before the car could be collected.

    I often wonder about the type of people who watch Big Brother so I guess these stories answer that question.

  3. Ginnie said

    Ah, yes, small people with “authority” are really scarey!!
    …and especially when you put the “follow the leader” mentality into the equation.

  4. Oscarandre said

    A friend of mine was was passenger in his younger brother’s car when it was pulled over by the police. Leaning down to the driver’s window, the cop says, “Did you know that you were doing 80?” My friend pipes up helpfully, “But it’s an 80 kilometre zone.” To which the cop replies menacingly, “No one asked you to speak, sir.” They were let off with a warning.

  5. Terri said

    If I hadn’t hadn’t read those three articles myself, I’d have thought you were joking.
    I’m still shaking my head. Where on earth has good old-fashioned common sense gone? Is it something in the water now that has people acting so crazy?
    Talk about an abuse of “power.” But…that’s how these things start off. With little steps and then mushrooms. My post on Sun. deals with this topic (a rebuttal to my smoking post) along the same lines. Loss of our freedoms.

  6. Longrider said

    Common sense is not as common as is commonly presumed.

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