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‘Bobbies’ for Basra.

Posted by Big John on January 15, 2007

I’m a bit puzzled by two news stories concerning our prince of ‘piss artists” and ‘ginger spare’ to the throne … ‘Hooray Harry’.

One story tells us that he is undergoing special training prior to a possible posting to Iraq, now that he has completed a four-and-a-half month training course at Bovington Camp in Dorset, and has become an Armoured Reconnaissance Troop Leader: which sounds like a pretty dangerous job to me. (Umm! .. Don’t I recall another ginger cavalry officer doing a similar job during ‘Desert Storm’ ?)  

So if he has been trained to search out the enemy and to bravely lead his men around in hostile territory, how come he needs a dozen or so coppers and two royal protection officers to see him safely to his car when leaving a nightclub in the middle of London ?   

It has been claimed that this young ‘chinless wonder’ would put his men in danger if he were sent to a war zone, because he would become a ‘trophy’ target for the enemy, and I expect that is true; so I do feel sorry for the men who will be under his command, but not as sorry as I feel for the two van loads of coppers …

…       who will have to follow his tank.


6 Responses to “‘Bobbies’ for Basra.”

  1. Ginnie said

    It’s all so ridiculous…have you ever seen a “war” like this? No sane reason for it and all the politicians vying for center stage !

  2. Betty said

    It remains to be seen whether he will go at all, doesn’t it? I’ve been curious about something, and, since you don’t seem to be enthralled with royalty, I’ll ask you. Who does Harry look like? Not Charles, for sure. Does he look like his Uncle, Diana’s brother, perhaps?

  3. Big John said

    I will probably be locked up in the Tower of London for saying it Betty, but many people in the UK think that he looks like that other ‘ginger cavalry officer’ Diana’s ex lover, James Hewitt.

  4. Fred Wotsit said

    The problem as I see it John is that the alternative to Liz and the gang will be Posh & Becks / Jade Goody /Tony Blair types which is even worse .. just! .. at least Harry might earn his medals unlike the rest who are weighed down in their ceremonial uniforms.

    Yep .. he looks just like James Hewitt .. poor sod.

  5. Terri said

    Hmmm…..I’m planning a blog tomorrow about William….so I give you fair warning you might not want to visit…lol
    I admit it….I’m captivated with the Royal family. Always have been. But then….I live on THIS side of the pond!

  6. Betty said

    That’s who I thought he looked like, too. LOL

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