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What ! No Cedric or Cecil ?

Posted by Big John on December 22, 2006

In a recent post and a comment by ‘Ginnie’, she mentioned names that you hardly ever hear anymore, those being …’Queenie’, ‘Dora’ and ‘Bert’. This made me think of some of the names of members of my own family from that generation, such as my aunts …Vi, Kitty, Daisy and Dolly.    

homberg.jpgMy dad’s name, as shown on his 1901 birth certificate, was Jack, although many people called him John. I don’t know whether this was because the name Jack was unpopular when he was a young man (left) or whether it was assumed that his name was John and that Jack was just a nickname, as my grandfather was of Irish descent and I had uncles called Pat, Mick and Tommy.

Now, a recent survey has shown that the most popular boys’ Christian  (Ooops ! Sorry))  name in the UK for the last twelve years mum-hat.jpghas been good old ‘Jack’.

I must say that I prefer the plain and simple ‘old fashioned’ names and I am pleased to see that girls’ names such as Grace and Emily are on the increase. My mother (right) was named Eva Ethel but was always known a Edie for some reason. I can’t see ‘Ethel’ ever coming back, but apparently ‘Edie’ is now more common.

I’m afraid that I just can’t get used to all these modern names like … Jayden, Jordan, Keira and Chantelle, and as for bloody ‘Cruz’, well where the hell did that come from ?

However, I am quite pleased to see the name Mohammad  (I wonder if it’s OK to call it an ‘Islamic’ name ?)  appearing in the latest list, and I await the day when I am shopping in the supermarket and hear some ‘Vicky Pollard’ of a mother shout … “Stop kicking your brother Cruz, and … 

come ‘ere Mohammad, yer little bleeder !”   🙂  


6 Responses to “What ! No Cedric or Cecil ?”

  1. Betty said

    My British grandmother had two daughters, my mother, Ruby Myra, and my aunt, Alberta Victoria. I don’t know where she got Ruby Myra, but there’s not much doubt where Alberta Victoria came from, is there? My mother named me Elizabeth, and I don’t know whether she was thinking of QE2 or Elizabeth, New Jersey, mother’s home town. I suspect it was New Jersey.

  2. Terri said

    You’re too funny…lol
    I agree on some of the “so-called” names today, especially with the celebrities. How about Apple? Well, guess people named their kids after flowers years ago…Rose, Violet, etc…and months, April, May. So why not a fruit?
    And then again, John…..A rose by any other name…..(couldn’t resist that)

  3. Ginnie said

    I was the youngest of 5 girls, John. We were…Mary Jane, Barbara, Nancy, Peggy Ann and Virginia. In today’s world that would translate to: MoJo, Brittny, Nanette, Preggie and Virg.
    (or something like that!)

  4. Libertine said

    I hate the current crop of trendy names for kids now, especially when they use last names as first names for little girls, such as Madison and McKenna.

    I like the classic names, too. You mention “Bert” and “Cecil” — I had some elderly relatives with those names.

  5. Oscarandre said

    I once saw a tv show that brought together people with unusual names e.g. Sandy Beach, Zippity Doodah etc. The one that struck me the most, however, was the 4 sisters named Faith, Hope, Charity and Sharon.

    My kids find it unbelievable that anyone could have ever been called Fanny.

  6. For your information, in Spain Lucía (Lucy) and Alejandro (Alexander) are the Top 1s. Somehow they are classic, especially the first. But you can no longer see many Carmen or Pilar, the most used for women over 30 yrs, and, for our laugh (it’s still shocking here) there are now a lot of Vanessas, Jennifers or Jessicas, mainly because of South American influence (¡¡¡!!!)

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