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Ghost bird.

Posted by Big John on December 18, 2006

The other morning I was having breakfast when I heard a thump from the direction of a kitchen window.

Thinking that a bird had probably crashed into it, I went out into the garden to investigate, but could find no trace of an injured bird. Not one single feather.

This morning as I raised the kitchen window blinds, I noticed that some dust on the outside of the window was reflecting the sunlight, and there, imprinted on the glass, was the perfect outline of a bird in flight …


……                 Now ain’t that bloody amazing ?


10 Responses to “Ghost bird.”

  1. Betty said

    That really is amazing – if a little spooky.

  2. Ginnie said

    That is absolutely eerie, John. I can’t imagine that the bird could fly away after that impact… it was definitely a “ghost bird”.

  3. gawilli said

    This is pretty neat stuff, particularly that you were able to get a picture of it! Wow!

  4. Terri said

    Oh, wow….amazing is right! No doubt about it, And in my Pisces, psychic, mind I’m thinking….it was a visit from somebody from the beyond trying to get your attention to wish you happy holidays.
    Foolishness? Maybe. But then…I’m a believer in messages and communication of this sort…especially this time of year.
    And great photo! Thanks for sharing.

  5. frisby said

    it’s a sign from above…..that you need to get your windows cleaned!

  6. Ginnie said

    It’s me again John. Just wanted to let you know that I was fascinated with this post and sent it on to my daughter and son-in-law…they live high up on a mt. and with lots of glass. She called me to say that it has happenend to them twice and they figure it’s the dirt, etc. that’s on a bird and the impact shakes it off and makes the picture. But actually I prefer Terri’s explanation!

  7. Big John said

    Thanks for the info. Ginnie, Terri may have something, but I think that I go along with my daughter’s (Frisby) explanation as I hardly ever clean the windows. 🙂

  8. Terri said

    Oh…fooey on both of you….(smile)
    Where’s your sense of belief in the unknown? Dirty windows? How boring!

  9. htry said

    This image could be agrued as real or photoshopped.. The former could be explained in that birds which hit windows leave behind UV reflecting dust from their wings. (It’s really sunny in the photograph too) The bird itself would have been quickly snatched by prey like a cat, or racoon judging by the size of the bird. It looks like the bird was trying to slow down as it collided with the window.

  10. Big John said

    Thanks for the comment Htry. The photo is genuine, and since then I have seen a pigeon almost collide with the same window three times, slowing up at the last moment, so I think that one probably got away.

    BTW we are a bit short on ‘racoons’ here in south east England. 🙂

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