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DIY doctoring.

Posted by Big John on December 16, 2006

I can remember the time when you visited your doctor and he examined you almost from head to toe.

He looked at your tongue … told you to say .. Argh ! … felt your pulse … stuck his stethoscope on your chest … examined your finger nails … took your temperature … and … generally poked you about before making his diagnosis.

Today when you visit your GP, he shakes your hand … offers you a seat … and … waits for you to tell him what you have diagnosed for yourself after tracking down your symptoms on the ‘web’. He then hands you a prescription, suggests some tests or refers you to a hospital.

A few weeks ago my doctor decided to change the medication that I was taking to control my hypertension, as it had been discovered that the drug I was on could cause serious problems.  He prescribed a couple of alternatives which proved to be ineffective.

A member of my family gave me the name of a drug which had successfully reduced his own blood pressure; so armed with this information and my own record of my increased blood pressure readings, I trotted off down to the medical centre.

I showed my records to the doctor and asked him his opinion of the drug which had been recommended to me.

“Ah ! It’s funny that you should mention that” said the doc. “I was just about to prescribe that for you”.

Umm ! I wonder ? … Well perhaps he was.

Today, amongst other things, I can take my own blood pressure and temperature … I can keep my own medical records … I can source my own medication …  I can identify my own symptoms … I can use various test kits from the pharmacy … and … I can examine most of my body for age related problems etc. … but there is one area that I can’t ‘keep an eye on’ for myself, for unless you are a contortionist, it is impossible  …

………    to be your own proctologist.   😉


6 Responses to “DIY doctoring.”

  1. Betty said

    “to be your own proctologist”… and I don’t want to be. Of course, I don’t want anyone else to be, either, as I am doctor-phobic. I really like being able to take my own blood pressure reading, and keep up with my blood sugar without having to go to the doctor’s office very often. With all the info on the internet (good or bad), doctors are becoming monitors rather than treaters. Can that be a bad thing?

  2. ROTFL! That is perhaps something a woman would be able to do. A mirror aimed correctly can reveal a lot. Um. However, I’d rather not!

    How I wish we had a way to do our own dental work!



  3. Ginnie said

    Did the Dr. offer to cut his fee in half because you had the medication figured out before he did?
    Hmmmmmm.. I didn’t think so !!

  4. Terri said

    You’re too funny!
    But on a serious note…as an RN, I can really relate to this. Docs behave the same way over here…and I’ve often wondered (when with my aunt or my husband) WHAT do people do who have no medical background? The docs sure don’t ask the right questions anymore….and if the patient isn’t aware, then they’re just out of luck. And don’t forget…the docs right hand is all that lab work they take. THAT is usually what gives them the definitive diagnosis. Grrr! Medicine!

  5. Big John said

    Welcome Chani, and I agree about the dentist. I hate visiting those places.

    You forget that in Britain Ginnie, we have a National Health Service and do not have to pay when visiting a doctor. However it is not exactly ‘free’ as we have paid for it in ‘health tax’ for all of our working lives.

  6. gawilli said

    Sounds like you have all of the other bases covered, though! Ha!

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